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"A key finding from the research was that successful support for the most academically able disadvantaged pupils was not about a single intervention. Rather it was about a suite of activities that, individually and together, made a positive impact."

DfE: Research to understand successful approaches to supporting the most academically able disadvantaged pupils, 2018

Take a look at some of the example programmes we have delivered to schools:

4 Step Programme

It’s paramount to raise both attainment and aspirations in order to create well-rounded students.

  • To stimulate a positive attitude towards learning
  • To show students that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to
  • To raise both aspirations and educational standards
Exam Support

This combination of our most popular accelerated learning workshops provides students with a comprehensive exam toolkit which when used alongside the content taught in lessons, ensures that students are fully-prepared to sit their exams.

  • To upskill students with powerful, creative exam and study techniques
  • To build enthusiasm for learning and prove that learning really can be fun
Road to Resilience

This whole-school approach to resilience ensures that students receive holistic support with their personal development.

  • To build resilient students, parents and teachers with positive emotional, social and academic well-being
  • To provide students, parents and teachers with a whole-school approach to building resilience
Retention Programme

This strategic programme develops students confidence and aspirations and aims to tackle the retention issues in FE.

  • To build positive, focused students who understand why they are in further education
  • To provide effective, creative and motivational study techniques
Comprehensive Programme

Broad programmes delivered over a sustained time period ensure that students receive support in all areas of education.

This comprehensive suite of interventions focuses on raising aspirations and standards and upskilling students with a range of effective accelerated learning and personal development techniques.

To see the impact of our workshops please head to our case studies page.

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