Teacher Twilight

These are one hour sessions offered to teachers at the end of the school day following delivery of our
workshops to students. They are fun and informative offering staff the perfect opportunity to encourage
and support students as they try out their new skills.

Teacher Twilight

Encourage and support students


Ideal for all teaching and support staff these sessions are interactive, entertaining and educational.

Staff will be shown some of the techniques taught to students earlier in the day and will have the opportunity to think about how these can be applied in their own subjects. (NB. Full inset days are available for any schools wishing to look at a wider range of tools and techniques).


Staff will leave the twilight session better equipped to support students as they develop their use of the skills
taught. They will also have a better understanding of how these skills can be applied to their own subjects.

Depending on the subject matter of the twilight, staff will be able to speed up learning in their classes and benefit directly from the application of learning to learn techniques.

Our Goal Mapping and Motivational workshops offer the opportunity to build students’ self-belief and aspiration while creating positive, trackable goals for future success.


This will depend on the subject matter of the twilight booked but will always:

Summarise the tools and techniques taught to the students

Offer opportunities to discuss how these skills can be applied to different subjects

Allow staff to provide support and encouragement to students as they try out the new skills taught

Offer CPD for both teachers and support staff


The twilight sessions aim to maximise the benefit of your Positively MAD day by:

Sharing a range of techniques with staff that can be applied in their individual areas of expertise

Equipping staff with the knowledge they will need to support and encourage students as they try out their new

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"Natalie was excellent – her enthusiasm and passion were really clear, and this rubbed off on the students. They were all really positive about the content and the course leader. Communication with Natalie before the event was really easy, she arrived early in the morning and was adaptable to our requests! 10/10!!!"
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