Crash Course in Accelerated Learning

This incredible teacher INSET focuses on accelerated learning techniques for use in the classroom.

The format of the day allows teaching staff to explore different approaches to teaching and learning and creates opportunities to share best practice and to experiment with new techniques.

Crash Course in Accelerated Learning

Share best practice and experiment with new techniques


The content of this course allows teaching staff to workshop different aspects of the curriculum and share ideas about new and exciting approaches that will engage every student they teach. An excellent way to inspire staff and keep them motivated any time during the school year.


Experience an exciting and innovative Accelerated Learning programme already delivered to thousands of teachers in schools across the United Kingdom. A practical and easy to access introduction to Accelerated learning suitable for those new to the concepts and those wanting to brush up on existing knowledge.


A live demonstration of Accelerated Learning principles and techniques.

A multisensory learning experience.

Understanding the brain and its learning rhythms.

Introduction to multisensory learning including, tendencies, physiology, language patterns and approaches.

Application of multisensory learning in the classroom.

A practical and easy to use Accelerated Learning Model.

An introduction to Mind Mapping.

Use of music as an aid to teaching.

A stimulating, interactive and fun learning experience.

A supportive and nurturing but challenging learning environment.


To raise the level of awareness of Accelerated Learning in educational professionals.

To demonstrate easy to use Accelerated Learning principles and techniques in action.

To create a powerful positive learning experience for staff.

To increase teacher confidence and belief in Accelerated Learning.

To explore the practical application of Accelerated Learning principles in the classroom.

To stimulate the further adoption of Accelerated Learning principles in the classroom.


Tried and tested programme delivered to thousands of teachers across the UK.

Audience, group, partnered and individual participation.

Raised staff awareness of individual learning styles and preferences.

Strategies that can be used for SATs preparation.

Additional skills and knowledge ready to be applied in the classroom.

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"The course was brilliant with the pupils taking a lot from the day. There has been a real buzz in the school too. I am confident this will mean a more positive attitude towards their revision."
Builth Wells High School
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