Summer Schools

A programme aiming to help disadvantaged pupils make a successful transition from primary to secondary school.

Schools can claim Summer School funding for pupils who are registered for free school meals (FSM), and for those who have been looked after in public care continuously for six months.

Summer Schools

A Positively MAD session for your Summer School programme


The Summer Schools programme for disadvantaged pupils is open to all secondary schools and will take place during the school summer holidays.

You can choose from the vast range of workshops offered by Positively Mad to create a summer school programme that suits your needs to perfection. Without exception, our workshops boost self-confidence, motivation, ability and aspiration.

But wait!! It gets better….. Funding may be available to you through the governments summer school programme! Secondary schools are invited to opt-in to the programme by completing a short online form. Before completing the form, schools may wish to read the question and answer information provided in the Summer Schools FAQs.

If your questions are not covered you can get further information by contacting:


Positively Mad can put together a one-day or even a full week’s worth of invigorating, challenging, fun, inspiring, exciting workshops designed to: increase self-confidence; boost motivation; raise abilities in the key areas of literacy, maths, science and so much more; AND to raise aspirations ready for the transition into high school.


Trying to motivate your child to improve and attain success is often only achieved through bribery, incessant nagging or the threat of some kind of punishment.

Parents know how exhausting it is to engage in any of these options. Motivating students, especially those who are ‘switched off’ and reluctant to change, is difficult work indeed.

Just getting them to clean their rooms is a mission in itself!

That's where Summer School and Positively MAD come in...

Our programmes are ‘student friendly’, designed to uplift, empower and motivate! So choose from one (or why not choose many) of our programmes now as part of your funded Summer School Programme:

Aiming Higher

Mindwise Workshops

Creative Approaches to Learning


About Funding

In September 2011, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that £50 million would be made available for the Summer Schools programme.

Schools need to state the number of places they expect to provide for disadvantaged pupils when completing the online form. Funding will be paid in two parts - in June and October, 2013:

for maintained schools - paid via the Local Authority

for Academies and non-maintained special schools - paid directly.

For a two week Summer School £500 will be available for each disadvantaged pupil. If schools decide to run a one week Summer School then funding would be £250 per pupil.


Boost confidence

Raise self-esteem

Raise abilities

Raise aspirations

Prepare your child for high school

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"Jay’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the strategies, techniques and tips was excellent and was exactly what we were looking for at this time in Year 11 for our students and parents. It’s testament to Jay and the workshop as to how many pupils had told their parents about how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it that some students were calling and texting their parents during the school day to say ‘Mum/Dad you need to come to the Parent’s workshop this evening!’ The strategies were relevant, easy to use, engaging and delivered in a way which will facilitate the students use of them as well. It was great to be given some resources by Jay in order to support the pupils through the revision process as the year goes on as well. I will look to rebook this event for next years, Year 11 at a similar time."
Cardiff High School
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