Mastering Student Motivation with GCSEPod

Mastering Student Motivation is an outstanding programme designed to inspire students of all ages to find their own reasons ‘Why’ they want and deserve to succeed. GCSEPod is the perfect tool to help them achieve that success.

This is a dynamic and highly inspirational workshop that leaves students excited about their future, willing to step out of their comfort zone and prepared to put in all the necessary effort to achieve their goals.

Mastering Student Motivation with GCSEPod

Students are encouraged to identify their own ambitions


Mastering Student Motivation is a high impact experience designed to motivate students to take responsibility for their own futures. GCSEPod equips them with the tools to do just that!

Students are encouraged to identify their own ambitions and to understand that with GCSEPod they can achieve more.

With their objectives clear it then provides a simple but effective goal setting technique to ensure they become accomplished goal setters and achievers.

Run in your school hall, Mastering Student Motivation will empower your students with self-motivation and healthy, target-centered thinking patterns.

This workshop is 2 hours in duration and can be delivered to up to 150 students at a time. 


Students question their limiting belief systems & adopt a healthier, positive state of mind.

Students challenge habitual thinking patterns and replace them with more positive behaviours.

Students understand how to create a chain of learning with GCSEPod that will make a difference to their exam results and to their futures.

Students develop self-motivation skills, become focused on achieving self-set goals and become more confident in their ability to succeed.


Using the powerful personal development model State - Behaviour - Results, this seminar is especially useful for: students who have little idea about what they want to achieve in life; students who lack the drive to succeed; students who lack the stamina to pursue self-set goals and those who see exams as the end of the learning process.

It offers students the opportunity to clearly identify their own ambitions and puts the school/college learning process into a context that is meaningful to them. It also provides them with a template they can use time and again to set short, medium and long term goals – a fantastic way to chart their progress through school and college.

It actively encourages the use of GCSEPod and demonstrates how this superb tool can be easily integrated into their everyday lives to increase their levels of success.


The course has four main aims:

To encourage students to take personal responsibility for their futures.

To remove self-limiting beliefs and glass ceilings.

To encourage students to develop self-motivation.

To understand how full integration of GCSEPod into their daily lives will increase attainment.


Students learn to challenge habitual behaviours and thought patterns replacing them with more positive ones e.g. replacing some time spent on gaming/social media with daily use of GCSEPod.

They become conscious of, and manage, their own state of mind and make the fundamental attitude and motivational shift needed for lasting changes that lead to achievement and success.

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