Managing Mental Health

Managing Mental Health

This workshop provides a practical, thoughtful overview of some of the ways to cope with the challenges faced by students in these unprecedented times.


Managing mental health is a positive and interaction session, which lasts for 60 minutes and can be delivered either online or face to face.

The workshop provides students with a motivational boost and the clarity needed to find their focus and keep going during these uncertain times.


Managing mental health with benefit students by:

  • Providing practical coping mechanisms, particularly as a result of COVID-19
  • Shining a positive light on the confusion of the current times
  • Increasing awareness of stigma
  • Normalising nervousness, exam stress and negative comparison
  • Boosting attitudes towards developing positive mental health


Some of the content covered in this workshop includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dealing with anxiety: let’s vibe!
  • Distraction reaction: an interactive activity, focusing on harnessing the power of creative improvisation to fight the freeze
  • Finding focus: channelling growth mindset to answer the question, ‘what’s the point?’
  • Challenging stigma: an interactive activity focusing on increasing awareness around mental health illness


This workshop aims to leave students with an in-depth and practical toolkit for them to refer to in their times of need, as a preventive measure before mental health illness takes control, so they can take control of it.


Students will feel positive and better equipped to cope with the pressures they face at school and in the world.

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