Making Informed Decisions

Ideal for students in Years 9-13, Making Informed Decisions prepares students with a range of decision-making and critical thinking tools and techniques - enabling them to feel more confident in their own judgement and choices whilst developing a positive mental attitude.

Making Informed Decisions

A collaborative, inspiring experience for all. Aligns with Gatsby Benchmarks 2 and 4.


Making Informed Decisions is an uplifting, interactive and aspiration raising workshop designed to improve soft skills.

With a particular focus on communication, decision-making, critical thinking skills, raising confidence and aspirations along with developing a positive mental attitude.

This multi-sensory learning workshop is ideal for students in years 9-13 and is tailored depending on the age of participants


This workshop will equip students with a comprehensive soft skills toolkit, which they can refer back to throughout
their educational (and life!) journey.

Students will leave Making Informed Decisions feeling enthused, positive and prepared to step outside of their comfort zone and tackle each decision they encounter.


During the course of this workshop, students will:

  • Take part in a debating exercise
  • Be introduced to the concept of the 'mental fridge'
  • Understand how to 'find the filler'
  • Participate in a 'what would you do' decision-making activity
  • Develop growth mindset tendencies
  • Understand how their perception builds confidence
  • Learn how to develop a default positive mindset


  • To build communication skills in students growing up in the 'digital era'
  • To promote failure as a form of growth
  • To provide students with an informed decision-making template
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