Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - English

An innovative, entertaining and highly effective workshop designed to help students on the 3/4 borderline to improve their performance in Key Stage 4 English.

This workshop is highly interactive, great fun, and shows students how to use different learning tools to help them remember facts and skills when preparing for the English GCSE.


Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - English

To help improve performance in Key Stage 3 and 4


Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - English is specifically for 3/4 borderline students in years 9, 10 and 11.

The course consists of a two hour workshop for up to 30 students.


Increases self-confidence and raises aspirations.

Offers simple but effective techniques to help with common problem areas, including: spelling, use of punctuation, critical writing skills & key wording.

Provides students with stress management techniques to increase performance during the exam period.

Fantastic learning experience - full of humour, interaction and multi-sensory learning opportunities.

An effective way to show students how to make learning fun.


This workshop is bursting at the seams with tools and techniques to support 3/4 borderline students to raise their aspirations and achievement levels.

It uses the number rhyme memory hook system to look at:
Effective spelling techiques.

Some punctuation rules for the use of apostrophes and colons.

How to keyword and improve reading and comprehension.

Critical writing skills.

How to use a ‘Bridge Map’ to identify the components of a valid argument so that they clearly understand the role of the statement, the premises, the supports and the assumptions.

How to improve persuasive writing.


To help students revise for GCSE English exams and to empower them with innovative, memorable, creative and effective learning tools.

To raise aspiration and achievement levels of 3/4 borderline students.


Students will be amazed at their ability to remember core facts and skills and be inspired to improve their performance in English.

Students will be empowered with a range of simple and effective tools and techniques for learning.

Students will leave with raised aspirations, self-confidence and will be equipped to raise their achievement levels.

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"Natalie was excellent – her enthusiasm and passion were really clear, and this rubbed off on the students. They were all really positive about the content and the course leader. Communication with Natalie before the event was really easy, she arrived early in the morning and was adaptable to our requests! 10/10!!!"
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