Exam Busters

Exam Busters is an inspiring, intensive and interactive workshop which empowers students with exam preparation tips, revision tools and stress management techniques.

Exam Busters

A multisensory, active learning experience designed for students preparing to sit their GCSE’s/Nationals exams. Aligns with Gatsby Benchmark 3.


We recommend that students be sat around tables of 6-8 in a venue conducive to learning to receive the full workshop experience, however we are able to deliver bespoke seminars.

This workshop can be delivered in either:

  • 2 x 2 hour workshops
  • 4 x 1 hour workshops
  • 3 x 80 minute workshops

Please note that this workshop is designed to be delivered over the course of 2 hours. Condensed versions of the workshop are still incredibly effective, but this does mean removing techniques. Students who sit the full 2 hours will leave the workshop with a comprehensive exam toolkit.


Exam Busters will benefit students by:

  • Offering a full-proof guide on answering exam questions
  • Increasing mastery
  • Providing a comprehensive exam booklet
  • Delivering a range of tools and techniques to suit left and right brain learners
  • Promoting interleaving, spaced repetition and retrieval practice



This workshop aligns with Gatsby benchmarks, the 3 I’s and NERUPI framework. Some of the content covered in Exam Busters includes:

  • The RICE exam system for answering exam questions
  • Past paper challenge
  • Managing time in an exam
  • Secrets of a successful memory
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Dual coding
  • Sticky note snap
  • Flashcards
  • The Leitner System

For further information about tools and techniques covered, please contact us for an in-depth breakdown.


  • To stimulate a positive attitude towards learning and exams
  • To upskill students with effective memory techniques
  • To provide a comprehensive exam tool kit



Exam Busters will raise standards of learning and upskill students with a fully comprehensive exam toolkit, to ensure that they are ready to sit their exams.

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"The course was brilliant with the pupils taking a lot from the day. There has been a real buzz in the school too. I am confident this will mean a more positive attitude towards their revision."
Builth Wells High School
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