Creative Approaches to Learning

Offers Year 7 students and teachers a day of inspired and creative madness with a highly energetic and interactive two hour presentation aimed at increasing levels of self-confidence and providing a number of creative approaches to learning that can be adopted from DAY 1 of high school.

Students are shown how to learn in interesting and unusual ways, helping schools to develop a more creative curriculum.

Creative Approaches to Learning

A day of inspired and creative madness


Creative Approaches to Learning combines Mind Mapping, the ‘Story Technique’, the ‘Journey System’ and multi-sensory learning.

This workshop is 2 hours in duration and can be delivered to up to 150 students at a time. 



All of Year 7 can be targeted in one day, including staff and students.

Ideal for groups of up to 150 students at a time.

The workshop appeals to all types of learners regardless of ability

It will increase levels of self-belief and aspiration

The cost per head is extremely competitive


During the course students will experience the power and effectiveness of creative teaching ideas and be shown how to remember things more easily by using their imaginations.

They will be taught a range of learning to learn techniques and shown how to apply these to typical Year 7 curriculum content such as ‘The Solar System’.

Students will be amazed at their own abilities to remember a huge range of facts encouraging self-belief and raising self-esteem.


The course has 2 main aims: To show Year 7 students that learning at high school can still be fun and to inspire them to apply creative learning methods as they move on through Key Stage 3 & 4.


Pupils are provided with powerful learning tools to improve their memory.

Pupils feel more positive about their ability to learn effectively and to share the experience with others.

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"The course was brilliant with the pupils taking a lot from the day. There has been a real buzz in the school too. I am confident this will mean a more positive attitude towards their revision."
Builth Wells High School
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