Catch Up with Numeracy

Catch up with NUMERACY is an empowering and engaging programme developed specifically for Year 7 students who have not achieved a score of 100 in KS2.

Fun and effective, it takes a fresh look at ways to inspire students and help improve their self-esteem whilst teaching vital numeracy skills.

Catch Up with Numeracy

For Year 7 students who have not achieved a score of 100 in KS2.


Catch up with NUMERACY is specifically for Year 7 students who have not achieved a score of 100 in KS2.

The workshop can be booked any time during Year 7 – or indeed as a summer school transition course - for groups of up to 30 students in a classroom or venue of your choice.

Importantly funding for this programme is available through the ‘Year 7 Catch Up Premium’.


Building on the momentum created in your school, Catch up with NUMERACY allows students to experience different techniques and discover new ways of achieving maths targets they previously believed to be beyond them.

Since March 2000, schools all over the UK have relied on us to help their students reach their full potential. By using accelerated learning techniques and personal development tools we are able to build student confidence and ability in a fun and supportive environment.

Our courses are designed to help students reflect on their learning and inspire them to reach their targets.


The course comprises mental maths tricks, reflective practice, goal setting, Mind Mapping for shapes and their properties, exercises to reduce mathematical anxiety, multi-sensory maths facts and problem solving using the ‘journey technique’.


To increase mental maths skills and confidence in students of all abilities.

To allow students to understand why they are underachieving and how to reach their full potential.

To motivate students to raise their achievement levels in a positive and focused way.

To enable students to explore different approaches to numeracy.

To inspire students to improve their numeracy skills and to reach their targets.

To improve mathematical problem solving skills.


During the course students will:

  • Learn simple yet effective mental maths tricks.
  • Reflect on the challenges they face with numeracy and learn how to overcome them.
  • Create a numeracy goal to improve performance and motivate.
  • Learn about shapes and their properties using Mind Maps.
  • Engage in exercises that encourage a positive approach to numeracy.
  • Experience multi-sensory learning to remember key facts.
  • Use the journey technique for problem solving.
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"Natalie was excellent – her enthusiasm and passion were really clear, and this rubbed off on the students. They were all really positive about the content and the course leader. Communication with Natalie before the event was really easy, she arrived early in the morning and was adaptable to our requests! 10/10!!!"
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