6S Study Skills
This course offers a complete set of ‘learning to learn’ techniques ensuring that students are fully equipped for exams, tests and lifelong learning. It takes an holistic approach to self-study combining learning techniques with reflective practices enabling students to take responsibility for, and control of, their own study process.
It is presented in ‘bite-size’ chunks over 5 workshops providing students with a systematic approach to learning, and empowering them with a whole range of innovative learning techniques backed up by good personal care and reflective practice.

6S Study Skills

Dynamic and highly practical personalised learning


6S Study Skills is ideal for students in Key Stage 4 and 5. One group of up to 30 students per course.

It comprises 5 x 60 minute workshops and is usually run in a classroom environment accommodating 30 students at desks, or in a school hall containing 30 desks. The course can be run at any time throughout the academic year but students will benefit most from early exposure.


Students learn how to look after themselves (Sleep, Sustenance, Sport), how to organize themselves and apply learning to learn techniques (Skills), how to influence their success levels (State) and how to maximize the support they have available to them (Support). Using highly practical learning tools which appeal to a wide range of learning styles this course is creative, enjoyable and highly effective.

Students will master a range of learning to learn techniques and will develop a study system that fosters independent, self-supported formative learning habits.


Students experience and reflect upon the effectiveness of 10 different learning tools as well as considering the impact of sleep, diet, exercise, mental state, support and skills practice on their levels of attainment. Importantly, they also discover how to use a process of regular review to prepare effectively for tests and exams removing the need for, or temptations of, cram-studying.

The content of this course promotes the idea of organized, manageable, healthy, life-long learning habits.


To encourage students to become versatile, organized and accomplished life-long learners. To promote reflective practices and to demonstrate how their lifestyle choices can help to maximise their chance of success in the exams.


Students reflect regularly on their learning in order to experiment with and master a range of learning to learn tools.

Students take personal responsibility for their own learning and avoid cram studying through organized, systematic, regular review.

Students learn more than one approach to exam preparation.

Students reflect on ways they can change lifestyle habits to support their learning.

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"The course was brilliant with the pupils taking a lot from the day. There has been a real buzz in the school too. I am confident this will mean a more positive attitude towards their revision."
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