Positively MAD Testimonials
Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Super Speed Study Skills
Holyhead School (Secondary School)
Holyhead School
They were great! Feedback from the Students was very positive on a whole. I really enjoyed Shenaz's high energy, enthusiasm and engagement with the students - she has an amazing abilility to build relationships with the Students during the Sessions. Really useful techniques shared on how to learn a lot of information. 10/10
Resilience Workshop
Madeley Academy (Secondary School)
Madeley Academy
It exceeded our expectation. Great fun and very interactive. Had no idea we’d be standing up and making ‘moves’. The students’ reactions were hilarious! The mind map worked brilliantly. They absorbed all of the information and were able to answer the questions at the end. The fun interactive ‘movement’ tasks were a great way of waking them all up from staring at their screens too. Shenaz was fun, lively and engaging. 9/10
Super Speed Study Skills
Wigston Academy (Secondary School)
Wigston Academy

The session was interactive and students engaged from the moment they arrived in the hall until they left. The areas of study skills covered were varied. The students were able to reflect on the techniques they were taught –hopefully this will stick in their minds as they move into next year. I really liked the entertaining engagement from Shenaz, the sessions worked really well considering the last 18 months the students have just had, an hour was just about right. 10/10

Resilience Workshop
(Further Education)
Walsall College
Hello, today at around 9am someone came in to give a talk about resilience (I believe his name was Dave) and just wanted to say how brilliant it was. It was very educational and I know a lot of people took away some good advice including myself who is struggling with depression. I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of myself and the level ******** students to this person for your visit.
Managing Mental Health
Holyhead SchooL (Secondary School)
Holyhead SchooL
The feedback from the parents session was very positive. The activities that parents could get involved in were very enjoyable to watch. Shenaz was upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic. I would definitely book this again, 10/10.
Exam Busters
St Thomas More Catholic Academy (Secondary School)
St Thomas More Catholic Academy
Students enjoyed the session and found it useful. The presenter showed high energy. You could really see the presenter enjoyed presenting. 10/10
Exam Busters
Derby Moor Academy (Secondary School)
Derby Moor Academy
ANOTHER BRILLIANT WORKSHOP! Just to let you know how wonderful Shenaz was yesterday. She pitched the bespoke mixed workshop perfectly for the two groups of students and as one student remarked to another at the break, "She's so full of energy" . She's just the right person for our students and she engages and manages them so well. I'm sure they will all have benefited tremendously. We will be doing follow up work in Lifeskills sessions and a full evaluation next week Thanks again!
Managing Mental Health
Aylestone School (Secondary School)
Aylestone School
Staff benefited, by realising that the content of what was delivered may also be of benefit to the staff in the school as well as the students. It also confirmed with us that a lot of what we deliver in house is of a similar nature. There were some golden nuggets though that staff took away. A good focus for the whole school whilst the students were working from home. Dave was pleasant, personable, did a good job in trying to engage the students. A difficult task with it being virtual. He also reflected on some of the comments students were putting in the chat, thanked them for their honesty, and said that the school would be in touch to support the student or students who had put comments in the chat that needed following up.
Resilience Workshop
St Mary’s RC High School (Secondary School)
St Mary’s RC High School
Below is feedback from the resilience workshop that was deliver to Years 8, 9 and 10 on Friday 29th January, 2021. All three sessions were fantastic. Each Head of Year thought that the presenter (Shenaz) was brilliant and made the workshop as interactive for the students as possible. Pupils really got a sense of how important it is to be a resilient person. They were given practical ways to overcome stress and anxiety when they are faced with adversity. I was really impressed with the personal touch that Shenaz put on the session, talking about her own life experiences and times when she has had to be resilient; this really made it relatable to the students. I also loved how she pitched it perfectly to each age group! I would give Shenaz a massive 10/10. The day was very well structured and went off without a hitch. Students were engaged and loved doing something different to their normal lessons. A piece of feedback that I got from the students was that “it didn’t feel like 80 minutes, the time flew by and we really enjoyed it”; always a good indicator if they don’t realise how long the session was. I would definitely recommend this to other schools/colleagues thinking of doing something similar.
Mastering Student Motivation
Charlton School (Secondary School)
Charlton School

Many thanks for the online sessions that were delivered by Kim and Dave. We generally had lots of positive praise and feedback from various parents, either by email or through our social media posts. If time and money allows, we will be looking to organise other sessions in the future, either online or face-to-face when lockdown ends. Many thanks.

Exam Busters
Queen Mary's High School (Secondary School)
Queen Mary's High School
Good pace & useful, students found it helpful
Positively MAD
Abraham Darby Academy (Secondary School)
Abraham Darby Academy
MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS: The activities were pitched right. They got the students thinking about making those informed decisions.We had 4 one hour workshops which on the first day back after half term was long enough. David Jerome was enthusiastic and engaged with students very well. 10/10
Exam Busters
Walsall Academy (Secondary School)
Walsall Academy
I thought that Exambusters gave students some brilliant examples and ideas on how to improve their revision techniques. I thought that there were some really good scenarios presented to students in the ‘making informed decisions’ workshop. The sessions in the most part went really well with the vast majority of students engaging well and learning. 10/10
Resilience Workshop
King's High, Warwick (Secondary School)
King's High, Warwick

Natalie was a superb presenter, delivering both workshops with genuine enthusiasm. She pitched both workshops perfectly to the different age groups (Year 8 and Year 10) and the interactive format kept all the girls engaged throughout. Thank you. To quote an email from a parent in an email already received the day after the workshop: “[She] came home more resilient! [She] said the resilience session and presenter were “captivating.”” (Year 8 parent from Resilience workshop)

Mind Mapping
Church Stretton School (Secondary School)
Church Stretton School

Brilliant and incredibly energetic

Super Speed Study Skills
Ellesmere College (Secondary School)
Ellesmere College

Shenaz was as brilliant as ever and both year groups came away with lots to consider. It is proving very effective as the following day pupils in a History class were asking the member of staff to help them structure their revision based on some of the techniques they were shown – they worked! Just what we needed – thank you.

Mastering Student Motivation
Telford Priory School (Secondary School)
Telford Priory School

They were great, Shenaz had the expertise and skills needed to keep the year 11’s engaged, learning and achieving what was set out in the workshop. Good pace and inspiring/ motivational elements added too. The techniques used were simple enough and explained well to enable to students to use them in practice.

Mind Mapping
Bishop Of Herefords Bluecoat School (Secondary School)
Bishop Of Herefords Bluecoat School

A great course with fantastic practical ideas that can support all the students. Great ideas for staff and students alike. Delivered with enthusiasm and energy that helped keep students on task and engaged. A great day for all involved.

Exam Busters
Walsall College (Secondary School)
Walsall College

Thank you to the organizing and the delivery of the resits sessions at our college, the sessions went really well. I have a couples quotes below from our staff; “Thank you for booking Positively MAD; students and teachers alike really enjoyed and found the presentations beneficial.” “As far I’m concerned the sessions were a great success so thank you so much for organising them, on such short notice Yes I’m happy to go ahead with them early next year on dates suggested”

Exam Busters
Oldbury Wells School (Secondary School)
Oldbury Wells School
The course was exactly what we were looking for. The content was excellent and was geared towards all types of learner. The MAD Pads were a great resource that was easy for students to get their heads around and fill out as the session went on. We were very impressed with Emily’s energy and enthusiasm throughout the day (I don’t know how she did it!) and she built up a fantastic rapport with staff, students and parents, so thank you so much again! The pace of the course was fantastic, it gave students the opportunity to take on new ideas and have time to reflect without getting bored. We received lots of great feedback from our students, who said they were engaged and it’s helped them to approach their revision in a different way – there was something to suit everybody. One student placed a bet before the session that she wouldn’t learn anything but came to us afterwards stating she owed us a fiver because it was great! Parents were also very complimentary about the session too and requested a copy of the PowerPoint so that they could reinforce some of the techniques with their children and help to support them in the lead up to exams. Staff have fed back that they also benefitted from attending the session as it has given them a number of strategies to re-engage learners and approach revision in new and innovative ways. The day was fantastic overall. Emily was incredibly professional and engaging all the way through. She was well received by students, staff and parents and we are entirely grateful for her effort. From our perspective the day ran fantastically and it was thoroughly beneficial. Thank you, Emily!
Mastering Student Motivation
Langley School (Secondary School)
Langley School
Well organised and year group appropriate. Engaging presentation. Presenter was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her subject matter. Well balanced between factual delivery and stimulating activities. It was a great day for our Key Stage 4 students and for staff. We have had lots of positive feedback from students who picked up a ‘can do’ attitude from the session. The staff welcomed the chance to see what students have been learning and many have already been embedding the proposed revision strategies in their own teaching.
Super Speed Study Skills
Ellesmere College (Secondary School)
Ellesmere College
Perfect for our needs and has now proved to be successful with pupils They are responding to the changing demands of the GCSEs and these sessions are one major factor that helps them achieve this. Shenaz is excellent and pitches it at the appropriate level for our students
Bridging the Gap
Painsley Catholic College (Secondary School)
Painsley Catholic College
Excellent – engaged the students and was put together with a fast pace Your comments of the day – very much enjoyed thank you
Mastering Student Motivation
University of Birmingham (Secondary School)
University of Birmingham
Rachel’s delivery was excellent, and engaged the students. The materials were a good combination of teaching and practical activities and the content was interesting. Student evaluation of the event was very positive. Thank you Rachel.
Super Speed Study Skills
Holyhead School (Secondary School)
Holyhead School
Shenaz really understood our students (within seconds) and tailored her session brilliantly. It was exactly what our students needed and staff were so motivated that they created tools the same evening. Thank you.
Resilience Workshop
Anglesey Primary School (Primary School)
Anglesey Primary School
Last week we had a great day with Shenaz around Resilience. It was superb for both pupils and staff. We will certainly be booking future sessions and have several actions to pursue, leading from the work done with Shenaz.
Mindwise Workshops
Bewdley Primary School (Primary School)
Bewdley Primary School
Thank you for such a positive experience during our Mindwise workshops. Kim was an amazing presenter and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was really great. The children were so engaged and enthusiastic during the sessions and the strategies seemed to really work. The staff training was also enjoyable and thought-provoking. Strategies for use in the lead up and during the actual SAT’s test were very useful.
Exam Busters
Ellesmere College (Secondary School)
Ellesmere College
Excellent! The course delivered all I wanted from it. Shenaz was superb and adjusted her delivery to suit the pupils whilst still being able to deliver all the content. Just what we needed, and the discussion it provoked has been very useful for future planning.
Bridging the Gap
Halesowen College (Secondary School)
Halesowen College
Hello Positively Mad Team, I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent session delivered to our new A level students by Rachel Munns yesterday morning. She was brilliant and very patient with a lot of students on a very warm day at a busy college. We had excellent feedback from the students who really enjoyed the session and picked up lots of tips to help them make the transition from school. I discussed with Rachel an interest in an exam revision technquies session before Christmas and she will follow this up with you. Kind regards,
Exam Busters
Coppice Performing Arts School (Secondary School)
Coppice Performing Arts School
Students found it very useful and had an amazing afternoon it was linked to the Mornings events so pupil wanted to be there. Student’s found Rachel every approachable and were engaged for the whole session. Thanks you for the great ideas and motivation the students to play an active role in their own revision. The Year 11 pupils comprehensively enjoyed the experience and came away with a collection of real learning strategies that help them with their exams.
Exam Busters
Kings Church of England School (Secondary School)
Kings Church of England School

The course was well structured, engaging and enjoyable. All the staff and pupils involved in the day were fully engaged and highly motivated. The resources provided were of high quality and the course was delivered in such an enthusiastic and exciting way that all of our students had no option but to be motivated. All our students were still talking about the day for the next few days and they certainly all remember the story of Mohammed Ali !!! Our presenter for the day was Shenaz - all I can say was she was exceptional in every way. An absolutely fantastic day which really emphasized and supported our students in revision/memory techniques.

Exam Busters
The Bewdley School & Sixth Form Centre (Secondary School)
The Bewdley School & Sixth Form Centre

Sophie did a great job. The course was motivational, informative and appropriately pitched. Staff, students and parents found it very useful. Very pleased.

Exam Busters
Foxford School (Secondary School)
Foxford School

“Very Good. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and clearly loved being involved; the 2 presenters were excellent. Well organised and well structured. The students gained a lot from it and this can be incorporated into their learning.”

Mindwise Workshops
Gilbertstone Primary School (Primary School)
Gilbertstone Primary School

The course content was good and provided teaching staff with a wide range of strategies to support teaching and learning. We are already putting some of these into practice. The Literacy and Science sections were particularly good and we could see other areas of the curriculum in which we could apply these strategies.

Bridging the Gap
Alsager School (Secondary School)
Alsager School

We felt the course was useful and very enthusiastically and energetically presented. Shenaz has a great rapport with the students and engaged even our most demotivated students.

Creative Approaches to Learning
Woodlands Academy (Secondary School)
Woodlands Academy

Mark was great and the students responed positively to him. The staff thought he was brilliant.

Super Speed Study Skills
Light Hall School (Secondary School)
Light Hall School

We were really happy here at Light Hall with the Super Speed Study skills day and the fact that Rachel had tailored it just right to create a bespoke package to match our students’ needs was great. A very positive presentation with lots of good skills and techniques that pupils will be able to use again and again. The presentation was well organised and well delivered. Rachel pitched the delivery just right for our Y10 students and was able to adapt the two sessions dependent on who was in front of her. Definitely something that we will be looking at incorporating into our calendar for next year!

Exam Busters
Abbey College (Secondary School)
Abbey College

Steve was very good – keen and effective. He had a difficult job and won them over. The students really liked what he did and I was impressed by the resources that he used. I will send on some feedback from a member of staff who was in there too – who sent it to the head. Steve was mellow and self-sufficient. He had everything ready, arrived early to set up and frankly managed the entire day himself.

Super Speed Study Skills
Aldridge School (Secondary School)
Aldridge School

Hi , it was an excellent day. Rachel was superb. Parents, teachers, pupils all made really positive comments. For example one member of staff emailed me to say it was the best bit of inset she had done in many years. Some of our more challenging pupils actually came up to me after to thank me for setting it up! Rachel really engaged with all of her audiences and did a fantastic job. I really can't praise her enough. Thank you.

Exam Busters
The Woodrush High School (Secondary School)
The Woodrush High School

Great content and superbly delivered by Jay. Couldn’t have asked for better. Very impressed by the skill with which he delivered to 180 students.  Really pleased that 3 year groups benefitted and that Positively MAD were able to be flexible with content and timings to suit our collapsed timetable day. Initial feedback from staff and students has been great.

Super Speed Study Skills
Bartley Green Technology College (Secondary School)
Bartley Green Technology College

Both days were excellent and our pupils got so much out of this, which we will build upon when we do internal revision with both year groups. Mark was superb, so personable and worked so hard with our pupils, and our staff also got a lot out of the day.

Exam Busters
Kingstone Academy (Secondary School)
Kingstone Academy

The course was well received by our students and all students asked have reported that it was very useful and worthwhile. Indeed, some of them have tweeted to that effect. Since Monday I have seen staff using some of the techniques in lessons which is brilliant and shows immediate impact. Students can remember all the facts about Mohammed Ali which proves to them that the techniques work. Various staff were in there during the day and we had a staff session at the end of the day. The response from them is also positive. I was also personally impressed with how Jay interacted with our students. He “won them over” very quickly and, of course, this meant they got much more from the day. Your comments of the day Very well organized and well run by Jay. There were at least 4 staff present at all times but they didn’t have to do anything as Jay commanded the hall very well (and we have delightful students!) . Given that they had a whole day of it Jay did really well to hold their attention. They have reported that he was “mad” which, of course, fits with your branding! The day was well structured with regular brain breaks to keep the students going and this worked well.

Bridging the Gap
South Wolverhampton & Bilston Academy (Secondary School)
South Wolverhampton & Bilston Academy

A really useful course, lots of fantastic techniques which we are hoping to embed into students and teachers practice. We will definitely look to run this course same time next year with our new students. Sophie was great! She dealt with the incident and obviously has lots of experience in handling groups of students! She was fun and made the training interactive and informative.

Summer Schools
Aldridge School (Secondary School)
Aldridge School

I was very pleased with the two courses which I booked. All of the staff involved remarked on how well the pupils engaged with what was going on, and the feedback I received from the kids was overwhelmingly positive. The two sessions hit the brief for our Summer School 100%; They were fun and the pupils learned lots of new skills and ideas.

Mastering Student Motivation
St Alban’s Academy (Secondary School)
St Alban’s Academy

We were very impressed yesterday. The course content was exactly what I was looking for. The students were engaged, motivated and came out ‘buzzing’. The practical techniques and target setting skills have given the students a good base knowledge. The ‘buzzing’ students were a direct result of the quality of delivery by Natalie and Karim so please pat them on the back.

Positively MAD
Redhill School (Secondary School)
Redhill School

Hi, I go to Redhill School , Karim did a presentation today, I want to thank you for coming and just to say how helpful I fount it! Thankyou!

Mind Mapping
Holy Trinity RC School (Secondary School)
Holy Trinity RC School

I would like to thank you on behalf of all the students and the staff from Holy Trinity. The sessions have had a huge impact on the students and they have applied the mind mapping skills in their lessons today.

Super Speed Study Skills
Avon Valley School (Secondary School)
Avon Valley School

Many thanks to you all for an enjoyable day. Kim was most engaging with the students and the organization from your office staff was clear and prompt. Students and staff have gained from the experience.

Positively MAD
Small Heath School (Secondary School)
Small Heath School

Relaxed attitude with well organised presentation/activities meant the students remained on task and contributed sensibly throughout the two hours.

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