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Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Resilience Workshop
(Further Education)
Okehampton College
It was a very good session and thank you for being flexible and meeting our needs (even when we changed our minds). All your staff were very accommodating and professional from Ben in the office who processed our order to Natalie and Kim who delivered the sessions. 10/10
Resilience Workshop
Plymstock School (Secondary School)
Plymstock School

On Wednesday 3rd Feb Dave from the company Positively Mad joined us virtually to run sessions with years 10, 11, 12 and 13. The session was based on ‘Motivation’: No amount of badgering from teachers or parents can motivate a student in the same way that self-motivation can. Mastering Student Motivation is designed to inspire students of all ages to find their own reasons ‘Why’ they want and deserve to succeed, ‘Why’ they want to work hard and, indeed, ‘Why’ they should bother to get out of bed in the morning! This session was much needed for some students who are struggling with motivation with their remote learning, however, feedback from lots of students was that they enjoyed the session and found it really useful. Below are some quotes from students who took part: “I found this very helpful this lockdown is the one I’ve struggled most in, however the talk about motivation and how it is normal to be feeling that way is a relief. Motivation is my hardest component at the moment so it helped. Thank you.” “This really helped me to stay motivated!” “The workshop was great and was very helpful.” “It really got me thinking and has made me more positive and more motivated (that’s what it was for I know but it really has). I’m excited for the other part of the presentation on the 24th. I feel like everyone needed this. Thank you :)” Dave from Positively Mad has also been in touch to say how impressed he was by how the students joined in and their comments. As mentioned above Dave will be back on the 24th February to help with students’ resilience and we are all looking forward to this session.

Exam Busters
Applemore College (Secondary School)
Applemore College
Thank you so much to Jay. Both workshops were sparky and well received by the students and staff.
Super Speed Study Skills
Bourneside School (Secondary School)
Bourneside School
Well planned and mirrored the parental workshop which was good. Engaging – Steve held the room and student engagement was high. Excellent.
Exam Busters
Pool Academy (Secondary School)
Pool Academy
Students feedback that they got a lot out of the workshop. Great, no problems, ran on time and presenter (Dave) was very accommodating. Dave was very approachable.
Exam Busters
Chipping Sodbury School (Secondary School)
Chipping Sodbury School

Presentation and delivery was well planned and engaging for students of different abilities. Chris linked strategies to pupils’ well-being and GCSEs, which was relevant. Students were well behaved, responded well to Chris, took part in activities and generally positive mood during the workshops. All staff and students that I spoke to said it was useful. The SEN department even said their students who lack confidence, came out saying they would now be more confident revising independently.

Exam Busters
Yate Academy (Secondary School)
Yate Academy
Yate academy hosted 3 of your presentations (2hour) last academic year, via funding from UWE. They were very well received by staff and students who then went on to achieve a progress 8 score of +0.9, which put them in the top 1.5% of schools leavers and the school in 94 out of 6000 schools.
Mastering Student Motivation
Maidenhill School (Secondary School)
Maidenhill School

Students found Jay’s delivery both entertaining and engaging. The key messages supported what we say in school, but were delivered by someone different in a different way. Lots of images / words / anecdotes to hold attention; the pace was good. Staff in attendance felt the students’ focus and engagement were very positive. Jay clearly knows how to relate to a hall full of teenagers. Well-structured. Jay was flexible to work around our time slots / breaks etc and understood and was not phased by the workings of a school e.g. use of hall as social space at lunchtime. The staff session was useful in that staff are now equipped to do follow-up work in terms of targets / deadlines.

Mastering Student Motivation
Oasis Academy Brislington (Secondary School)
Oasis Academy Brislington

It was great to meet Emily today. She had such great energy and positive mind set. She was able to really get the first group working and thinking. The second group were a bit more of a challenge but she worked very hard and there was a good energy in the room when I came in at the end of the second session. The students and teachers really enjoyed the session and the students were thinking about themselves in a different way during their destinations interviews which followed Emily’s session. It was a great day and we would definitely have something similar in school. Thanks. Excellent day, Lots of energy from the presenter.

Mastering Student Motivation
Gloucester Academy (Secondary School)
Gloucester Academy

Steve was able to quickly build good rapport with the students and kept their attention throughout the morning. The sessions were informative and practical. It was learning and fun put together! A lot of content was covered in a fairly short amount of time. The day went smoothly and Steve was very well prepared.

Creative Approaches to Learning
Manorside Academy (Primary School)
Manorside Academy
Teachers and children were very enthusiastic about the day. Lots of teachers have already started using some of the mind mapping and storytelling techniques that Kim shared. Thank you
Super Speed Study Skills
The Spires College (Secondary School)
The Spires College
The courses were both suitable for our students and kick started their respective revision programmes. Steve was enthusiastic and the Y11 students in particular enjoyed the event.
Bridging the Gap
Parkstone Grammar School (Secondary School)
Parkstone Grammar School
Natalie delivered the sessions with endless enthusiasm and professionalism. The students were positive about the day and everything ran very smoothly.
Super Speed Study Skills
Heathfield Community School (Secondary School)
Heathfield Community School
Working with Positively Mad was a a very positive experience indeed. Jay was fantastic and the students (and staff) absolutely loved the Study skills workshop he did. So much so that we would like to look at rebooking the workshop. The Resilience work Jay did was also great and he captivated his audience, even though it was Friday afternoon of the last day of term! The booking process was extremely easy and all communication was clear and queries dealt with speed and efficiency, even though it was a last minute booking. We would not hesitate to recommend your services.
Bridging the Gap
Camborne Science and International Academy (Secondary School)
Camborne Science and International Academy
The Bridging the Gap session: very well received by students. Tutor feedback was that it was extremely useful.The Motivation session: very well received by students. “surprised at how good it was” “I was dreading it but the advice actually helped us.”Delighted by the two sessions and the student feedback. Sophie came across extremely well to both teachers and students. In fact Sophie was exceptional
Bridging the Gap
The Godolphin School (Secondary School)
The Godolphin School
I am delighted that Sophie was able to come and deliver both the Bridging the Gap and the Motivation courses to our students at Godolphin. The content of the course was excellent – very relevant, meaningful and practical. Sophie’s delivery was exceptionally good. She was undoubtedly in charge of her material and the room! She chose examples and references that our students could relate to, and kept their attention throughout. She was amazingly good at drawing their attention, dealing with individuals when needed and challenging the groups to make the most of their time at school. Extremely useful.
Goal Mapping
St Edmunds CE Girls School (Secondary School)
St Edmunds CE Girls School
Hi Sophie I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for your delivery of Friday’s workshops. I am so sorry that I was tied up in organising The Election in a Day for the majority of the day and so could only pop in for a few minutes. However, what I saw was brilliant; relevant, engaging, dynamic and very worthwhile. I have spoken to a few of the girls and they have said how much they enjoyed the day and how useful it was; now they’ll have no excuses to not get straight As in their GCSEs! The two staff who were in with you have also told me how great the day was. I will most definitely be asking you to come back in again. Thankyou again Sophie, you really are one of the best facilitators I have used. Amanda
Mind Mapping
Colston Girls School (Secondary School)
Colston Girls School
• A range of strategies were covered that were appropriate for all students. • Mind mapping activity was excellent and something that we will be continuing to focus on in school. • Pace was good – The girls enjoyed the Brain gym activities throughout the day. • Jay was an excellent presenter. He also had a ‘good measure’ of the girls and held their attention throughout. He worked hard! • 1 Hour workshops may have been enough for some students. • The Goal Mapping workshop was pitched appropriately for our PP/Low Prior Attaining students and I felt it provided an excellent opportunity to build the girls’ confidence, resilience and self-belief. This is something we can continue with throughout the year. • This is the second time we have used Positively Mad and I feel the girls really benefit from the workshops.
Mastering Student Motivation
Marlwood School (Secondary School)
Marlwood School

On behalf of Marlwood school we would like to say ‘Thank you’ for a brilliant day! Positive feedback from staff and Year 11s.

Exam Busters
Okehampton College (Secondary School)
Okehampton College

Excellent course – just what we were looking for! Sophie was amazing – really enthusiastic and approachable but professional at all times. Loads of positive feedback received from both students and parents and we are already beginning to use the follow-up stuff in tutor times.

Creative Approaches to Learning
Parrett and Axe Church of England Primary (Primary School)
Parrett and Axe Church of England Primary

Really good course thank you, relevant to all classroom support staff and teachers present. I have already seen some of my teachers using some of the ideas in their classrooms. This was a really good course for our first day back. Very enthusiastically presented which was vital after New Year celebrations!

Exam Busters
Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (Secondary School)
Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy

The sessions with Jay were superb. The Bridging the Gap session for year 12 and 13 gave some excellent strategies for independent study and planning work. Our year 11 students raved about the Exam Busters session and can still remember the information used to demonstrate the different revision techniques. Proof for them that the techniques really work! The feedback from parents too was really positive and they appreciated having the opportunity to hear what their children had heard and being able to work with them in maximising their revision sessions.

Mastering Student Motivation
Clyst Vale Community College (Secondary School)
Clyst Vale Community College

The course content is highly appropriate and we will want to repeat these sessions next year. The presenter was very well received by the students and I have had a number of very positive comments back from student, staff and parents.

Exam Busters
Archway School (Secondary School)
Archway School

Many students were pleased with the techniques they had been shown. The mind mapping exercise was particularly well received. Students saw the value of this as a good method to incorporate into their revision sessions. A really useful day for students, staff and parents alike. Thank you.

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