Positively MAD Testimonials
Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Bridging the Gap
Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey (Secondary School)
Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey
Bridging the Gap: provision of a number of practical ways to enhance learning and study were memorable. The ‘Success Sights’ and ‘Feedback Sandwich’ particularly good scheduling tools for sixth form, and ones I can return to with them in an assembly. Mind mapping is a proven goody and one I use as an English teacher; the proof of the Muhammed Ali mind map was hard hitting. Mastering Student Motivation: much better hearing it from another (“not someone in a tie”Jay) Carrot and Stick / Actions and Consequences are important messages. I like the variety of ideas covered and the repeated message that it is up to them. The Wheel of balance and goal setting was effective and well received by the students. Your comments on the day: smooth, efficient delivery; great stamina, anecdotes and engagement. A great learning day!
Bridging the Gap
The Broxbourne School (Secondary School)
The Broxbourne School
Very enthusiastic presenter meant students remained energised throughout. Very good; we would definitely have you back
Bridging the Gap
North Oxfordshire Academy (Secondary School)
North Oxfordshire Academy
Lisa was great. Really upbeat and engaged the audience. Lisa arrived early, really well organised and very professional
Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
Culvers House Primary School (Primary School)
Culvers House Primary School
Well organised and executed. Kim was an excellent presenter who left us with many ideas for improving learning outcomes. Staff were very positive about the day. I would highly recommend this training to other schools.
Resilience Workshop
Suffolk New College (Secondary School)
Suffolk New College
It was lovely to meet you on Thursday. Thank you for the fabulous sessions you ran. The informal feedback I have had has been entirely positive, with requests for you to return again in the future. "The best CPD session we have had in years" was one quote. I will get wider feedback after the Easter break and come back to you with further at this time. I really appreciate that you took the extra time to travel to Suffolk New College, as were the teams that had met you on previous visits.
Super Speed Study Skills
Bitterne Park Secondary School (Secondary School)
Bitterne Park Secondary School
The course covered valuable content for the Year 11 Revision skills. The resources were appropriate without being over burdensome. I hope it will have the impact to support them to better grades. Jay made each session enjoyable for the pupils whilst engaging them with the techniques. We are looking forward to having him back in March.
Resilience Workshop
Fernhill School (Secondary School)
Fernhill School
Kim is a fantastic trainer and can really manage the crowd. The Year 11 course was spot on and student feedback has been positive. Staff are keen to use the ideas they witnessed too.
Mind Mapping
Linton Park School (Secondary School)
Linton Park School
The course was highly appropriate for the students’ current needs and was engaging and interesting throughout. The time passed very quickly. The feedback from students is that found the day ‘excellent’. Jay Shirley is a warm and charismatic presenter who entertained and engaged the students with his routines, explanations and highly energetic and positive demeanor.
Goal Mapping
Suffolk New College (Secondary School)
Suffolk New College
Shenaz delivered a Goal Mapping and Resilience workshop – both were superb and Shenaz was fantastic. She was able to meet the needs of each student, and ensured everyone was engaged and participated in the activities. The way that Shenaz delivered the workshops was both motivating and inspiring, and throughout each session she remained enthusiastic and energetic. The students valued the workshops and felt inspired to progress, having gained a new perspective on ways to learn and how to achieve their goals. The content in both workshops is truly aspirational! Can I take the opportunity to say, that we have had many guest speakers in for motivation etc. However Shenaz was brilliant, she understood the students very well, and was an inspiration to listen to. This was felt by all the students, and every single student in the group, really enjoyed and engaged in the session. The students learn clear strategies on how to focus, be inspired to progress and ways to gain the best out of their education to support goals and achievements.
Resilience Workshop
The Matthew Arnold School (Secondary School)
The Matthew Arnold School

Our year 8 students had a workshop with Natalie today. The year 8's thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as did our staff! Natalie was fantastic, she had the attention of our students all the way through. We are not sure where she gets her energy.

Exam Busters
Hartsdown Academy (Secondary School)
Hartsdown Academy
The course was really useful with providing the students a range of study skills and revision tips. The brain breaks were great to allow students to focus back on the information. Many students commented on how useful these ideas would be especially if used in classes as well. Lisa was very professional and the sessions ran really well. The parent’s session was very helpful and the parents that attended were pleased with the information.
Exam Busters
Maiden Erlegh School (Secondary School)
Maiden Erlegh School
Lots of different strategies provided for students to take away and use for their revision ready for their exams. The content gave the students a variety of creative ways that hopefully all of them will use at some point in preparation. Rachel worked really well with the students. Everything ran very smoothly and the structure of the presentation was good. Rachel gave lots of little breaks for discussions and on the spot practical elements to keep the students focused. At some moments there were smalls groups of students unfocused but Rachel dealt with the situation very well to bring them back round.
Positively MAD
Kings International College (Secondary School)
Kings International College
We thoroughly enjoyed the two sessions which were delivered here at Kings.It was a really hot day but students were engaged and focused. They were able to take away with them several top tips to help them prepare more for the new curriculum and the demands of 100% examination. A great day. Both presenters were engaging and enthusiastic. I am sure that we will use Positively Mad again in the future. Please say a special thank you to Jay and Natalie for such a positive and inspiring day
Exam Busters
King's School, Winchester (Secondary School)
King's School, Winchester
Many thanks to Jay for the Exam Busters sessions provided on Thursday 8th June. The content was excellent and pupils really enjoyed the session. We have received lots of positive feedback on the practical tips suggested and the overall confidence developed as a result of the session. I will be recommending you to the Head of Year 10 for next year to run a similar session in the summer term for their year group.
Positively MAD
Uxbridge College (Secondary School)
Uxbridge College
Thank you Natalie for your sessions over the last two days. We hope you felt welcomed by the staff and students here. We are still in total awe of your energy and enthusiasm.
Exam Busters
The Beaconsfield School (Secondary School)
The Beaconsfield School
Great course, the students really enjoyed the day and felt they gained a lot from it. Fast paced which kept student engagement high. Presenter Jay was fantastic, managed the students really well even those who maybe weren’t quite so engaged at the start of the day. Really worthwhile day, we did some Pre and Post questionnaires for our students. We asked them to rate their knowledge before and after the course, Got it and Owned it were the top two ratings.
Exam Busters
Kings' School, Winchester (Secondary School)
Kings' School, Winchester
Very helpful. All of the pupils surveyed said they would recommend it to younger pupils and that they found it informative. Straightforward and easy to run.
Resilience Workshop
Chalkwell Hall School (Primary School)
Chalkwell Hall School
The children were engaged for the whole session, we found the meditation and writing lists of ‘how to be more grown up’ the most useful and hope by using these in school and at home that they will have an impact. Rachel was brilliant, the children were really engaged and this morning were still talking about the workshop. Some children even asked their parents to write down things they have had a go at on their own at home to show their teacher. Thank you!
Mastering Student Motivation
The Ramsey Academy (Secondary School)
The Ramsey Academy
An excellent day, which enthused the students and covered a range of topics. The timing of the day was perfect for us, as it kick started the New Year and countdown to the GCSE exams. Jay was engaging and related well to the students.
Positively MAD
Short Wood Primary School (Primary School)
Short Wood Primary School
The day was well planned, delivered well with good pace. The time for reflection – workshopping the workshop was useful, enabling colleagues to discuss their application in class. The balance between the theory and more academic understanding and the practical application/strategies was a strength of the day.
Goal Mapping
John Hampden Grammar School (Secondary School)
John Hampden Grammar School
Excellent delivery of the courses – presenters were full of energy and engaging to the pupils. Pupils (76%) said it was useful and that they would recommend it to the next year 11 year group. Well-structured and run.
Super Speed Study Skills
Bishop Challoner Catholic School (Secondary School)
Bishop Challoner Catholic School
Please thank Jay for all his time and energy and skills last Friday. So far 96.9% of year 10 students said that that they would recommend the workshop.
Super Speed Study Skills
The Canterbury Academy (Secondary School)
The Canterbury Academy
We have had this course delivered for a few years now and keep inviting you back. The content is spot on in terms of what the students need in order to achieve their best. Those students that engage with the activities gain a lot of insight in to techniques to use in an environment which is fun and interactive.Thank you so much for the work Natalie did with our students across the 2 days of being here. Year 10 were especially engaged. Lots of students have commented on how they will be using the techniques they learnt.
Super Speed Study Skills
Gad's Hill School (Secondary School)
Gad's Hill School
Both sessions with Jay went very well and all pupils were engaged. I thought the content of both courses were tailored to the relevant year groups’ needs. Amazingly lots of my LS Pupils could still remember all the detail about Muhammed Ali’s life on Friday afternoon! Both sessions ran smoothly and were timed well. Pupils knew what was expected of them. A variety of tools were used to maintain their interest.
Super Speed Study Skills
Westbourne House School (Secondary School)
Westbourne House School
Thank you so much for coming to Westbourne for the day on Monday. Your sessions were really well received by students and teachers. I loved the comments that I had from pupils. “She was not mad, it was brilliant” - year 7 “The story technique really worked, I think I might try it myself” !!! - year 8 “It was really good fun and it was amazing that we could learn 140 things in one day” - year 7
Exam Busters
St Anne's Catholic School (Secondary School)
St Anne's Catholic School
The exam busters course was really engaging/ fast paced and gave the students lots of revision tools. They now need to learn to apply these to their subject areas. The motivational hour was also really good and I know the students really enjoyed the personal anecdotes shared by Jay. I had a meeting with a disengaged student and her mother the following morning and Jay’s motivational session was brought up. The student went home on the evening of the session and spoke to her mum about this; this is especially impressive as they have a poor relationship currently. So far she has really changed her attitude in school due to this. I doubt she is the only one, so thank you! It was a great day which was enjoyed by all of our students. Jay did a brilliant job completing 5 hours of sessions with our girls. I look forward to seeing him back at St Anne’s next year!
Exam Busters
Oak Bank School (Secondary School)
Oak Bank School
- Really good short, sharp bursts of information/strategies to keep students on their toes. - Jay’s manner with the students is exactly what they needed and were still talking about what they could remember about Muhamad Ali this morning in school. - The students enjoyed the experience. - Jay was very organized and adapted Exam Busters to suit Yr11 from the Yr10 session.
Bridging the Gap
South Essex College (Secondary School)
South Essex College
The course was well structured with interesting activities. The presenter really brought the activities to life with her style of delivery and ‘stage presence’. Our students were engaged and contributed well. The day ran very smoothly, and students seemed happy with the event. As said before, I cannot praise the presenter enough. She was excellent!!
Catch Up with Numeracy
St Simon Stock Catholic School (Secondary School)
St Simon Stock Catholic School
We chose the numeracy and mind mapping workshops which worked very well with the group of students we had and the timetable for the day. All students were engaged and participated in the sessions. Kim was an excellent leader and trainer and her enthusiasm kept everyone going on a very hot day. Kim was flexible in her timings and this meant that students and staff were able to work together easily to ensure the day was a success. Kim recapped all the things the students should have learnt by the end of the sessions and all of them were shouting out the answers demonstrating that the techniques work and that the students had listened and learned well.
Creative Approaches to Learning
Dallington CE Primary (Primary School)
Dallington CE Primary
I booked you based on seeing you 14 years ago, I was not let down – it was still as amazing as I remembered. The content was perfect it covered basic ideas but also how they could apply it to their daily life. You took ‘boring’ elements like the order of the planets and made it exciting, fun and achievable. It covered some very high level elements and topics but made it child friendly and accessible to all. The whole day was fantastic. Kim had endless energy that she used to captivate, enthuse and educate the children. Kim’s approach and personality made the children sit up and listen the content of the course made them (hopefully) learn new techniques to become better learners.
Creative Approaches to Learning
Great Leighs Primary (Primary School)
Great Leighs Primary
Our staff had a very good training session from Shenaz on Friday February 12 th . She had a very vibrant and engaging presentation style and gave us five learning techniques to enhance memory. She had very good interpersonal skills and made the day fun and very interactive. The communication with Positively Mad was excellent. We are now going to use these techniques to enhance learning in school. We gained a lot from the training. So far we have shared the techniques with our children and parents.
Exam Busters
Focus - Linton Park School (Secondary School)
Focus - Linton Park School
It was an excellent day. Students and parents were buzzing for days after your presentation and I am still getting them telling me facts about Muhammed Ali!
Exam Busters
Thamesview School (Secondary School)
Thamesview School

We have now used Positively MAD twice; I have been really pleased with the result on both occasions. Holding the focus of 15 and 16 year olds for two hours is not easy, but your presenters are so engaging that the time flies. Ideas are excellent and students take away real practical things they can do straight away. I also believe the day boosts confidence, it shows students they can retain information, they can achieve a lot in a short time; revision can actually be less of a slog. Highly recommend you to others and we will use you again.

Exam Busters
Seven Kings High School (Secondary School)
Seven Kings High School

Excellent delivery. Very clear and thorough explanations. Students ‘got a lot’ from the session.

Exam Busters
Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College (Secondary School)
Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College

The course was very useful and all students were engaged and gave positive feedback following the session. Very pleased with the delivery pace and content.

Mastering Student Motivation
Applemore College (Secondary School)
Applemore College

It was really good, all of the pupils were engaged for much of the time, which is no mean feat on a warm day with a gym full of 15 - 16 year olds.

Mastering Student Motivation
The Magna Carta School (Secondary School)
The Magna Carta School

Brilliant, enthusiastic presenter. They did really enjoy the day and there new slogan in the school is GO MAD.

Mastering Student Motivation
The Romsey School (Secondary School)
The Romsey School

A good overall course – well delivered

Mind Mapping
Felpham Community College (Secondary School)
Felpham Community College

Kim was fantastic, The students were really engages during the 2 hour talk and the small group that had extra support for mind mapping in the afternoon spoke very positively of the session and that they would use the ideas to help them revise.

Exam Busters
The Knole Academy (Secondary School)
The Knole Academy

I really enjoyed the course as a teacher and a tutor. It taught me a number of new strategies to support the young people that I work with. I discussed with Natalie how important key words or ‘buzz words’ are for those taking GCSE PE and how these methods could help them to pick up easy marks in tests. It will be interesting to see which kids take on the advice and use some of the imagery techniques to help them. I have heard a lot of positive feedback. The kids seemed to enjoy the day and I hope that they took a lot away from it. Thank you Tim White - Head of House The material was very appropriate and interesting for the year 10 students. I think some students has genuinely thought about using some of the techniques to study already which is excellent. The students remained engaged and there were a variety of activities to ensure all learning styles remained focused. The delivery of the course was very enthusiastic and it is evident that the course is well planned with excellent resources. Gemma Smyth - Business Studies NQT

Exam Busters
Oxted School (Secondary School)
Oxted School

Thank you very much – the course was once again excellent & exactly what we wanted for our Y11 students. Im sure they got a lot from it & we will continue to reinforce the revision & exam techniques throughout the year. Thanks again – we love working with you & look forward to seeing you later in the year for our Y10 booking & also again in the future!

Bridging the Gap
Heathside School (Secondary School)
Heathside School

Natalie had a very good rapport with the students and they responded very well to her. We were impressed with her presentation, enthusiasm and commitment.

Bridging the Gap
Heathside School (Secondary School)
Heathside School

Below is a paragraph written by students of Heathside for their Newsletter : Positively MAD (Making a Difference) is a study skills programme in which Sixth Form students participated to help when it comes to revision time. We learnt many different skills in order to remember information such as practical applications to revision like creating actions in order to remember words. We were also taught the key skills of speed reading, a very useful skill, and how to construct mind maps in a way that helps learning/memorising key information. This was a refreshingly useful and rewarding experience that captivated the attention of us all and of great benefit.

Mind Mapping
St Edmunds School (Secondary School)
St Edmunds School

Thank you very much for sending Kim to us again. She is so easy to get on with and is brilliant with all age groups. It was particularly busy when she was here as we were getting ready for Open Day and she took everything in her stride and just put up with us all! I am not going to be here when you next come as retirement beckons but I am intending to recommend that we continue to book you on alternate years so that all the children get a chance to take part in the different course as they move up through the school. Please pass on our very best wishes to Kim and thank her very much for being so brilliant for the 2 day she was with us. Staff were very impressed too and I have already heard some of them have set work using mind mapping. With best wishes, Liz

Bridging the Gap
St Simon Stock Catholic School (Secondary School)
St Simon Stock Catholic School

Very good content and the sixth formers learned a lot. Mark delivered the course very well, was approachable and the sixth formers related to him well. Looking forward to the next presentation. A very positive experience.

Bridging the Gap
Bethany School (Secondary School)
Bethany School

Just had a fantastic couple of workshops from Rachel that went down very well with the sixth form. Rachel worked really hard to make sure the students got the absolute maximum out of both sessions and we are very grateful to her for helping us with our sixth formers.

Exam Busters
Thomas Knyvett College (Secondary School)
Thomas Knyvett College

Always useful for the students to gain experience from outside agencies. We are very lucky to have such a positive relationship with you and really enjoy your sessions. They are always pitched at exactly the right level and you do very well to deliver them to such a large group of students. Well run. Efficient. Fun. Informative.

Super Speed Study Skills
Kings International College (Secondary School)
Kings International College

Natalie’s energy was magnificent. She was able to engage both Year 10 and 11 year groups for 2 x two hour sessions- very impressive! Students were able to take away some ideas for their own personalized revision tool kit. Activities planned were varied, there was a great pace to each of the sessions.

Exam Busters
Ryde Academy (Secondary School)
Ryde Academy

Students found the course valuable and there was lots of positive chat about it the following day. It provided lots of good ideas for revision and methods to helps cope with exams. We have followed this up with an exam busters board in school to remind students of some of the techniques.

Exam Busters
Portsmouth Academy for Girls (Secondary School)
Portsmouth Academy for Girls

The event was excellent and Karim was an excellent presenter. Some of our girls were apprehensive to begin with however many of them said what a useful learning session it had been. There has been evidence of the girls using the techniques since. It was a welcome opportunity for the girls at a very stressful time of their school career – pitched really well by Karim

Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
Connaught Junior School (Secondary School)
Connaught Junior School

Can I just say how we all enjoyed our Positively Mad experience. It was booked with the hope that we would get an external provider who would inspire our staff to focus on their teacher craft, rather than have a day looking at things like planning and assessment. The course was very interesting, especially learning about the different sides of the brain and the need to review learning regularly (something we probably know but forget to do or run out of time.) Comments of the day; ‘I thought the Inset was very good, I liked that we had a go at all the things Natalie was suggesting and she gave us time to talk through the ideas.’ ‘I thought it was great. It was delivered in such a way that you couldn't not share Natlaie’s enthusiasm. I taught the Maths lesson we planned (area and perimeter) to my 'too cool for school' set and they loved it and asked to sing the song again today! I also thought it was great to do a course that didn't leave me feeling like I had much more work to do but it gave me so many ideas that I could just pick up and run with. Super! :)’ ‘I thought it was excellent- engaging, relevant and gave me new ideas I'd not considered before. I'm already using more breaks and am planning to use memory stacks to learn parts of a plant in Science next week!’ Thank you Siobhan McGann Deputy Head of Connaught Junior School

Exam Busters
Chaucer Technology School (Secondary School)
Chaucer Technology School

The course was excellent as always and Natalie’s presentations were inspiring and very motivational for all. A great success

Super Speed Study Skills
Bishop Challoner Catholic School (Secondary School)
Bishop Challoner Catholic School

The courses are very well designed. Both the study skills and the revision days were well received by students, with staff who sat in wanting to put the material learned to use straight away. Colleagues were reciting the life of Muhammed Ali verbatim in the staffroom! Most importantly, as with all INSET/training, the course leader makes all the difference. I have come across few people who are as relaxed about the time outside of the sessions, and at the same time as dynamic and engaging during the training sessions themselves as Jay. He is an integral part of our KS4 curriculum delivery and always very welcome at Challoner.

Exam Busters
The Royal Latin School (Secondary School)
The Royal Latin School

Thank you for a fantastic day! The students were all enthused and I have had a number of conversations with parents who have said that the students came home full of ideas to try. The messages that were passed on to the students have really hit home and some of them have become more focused as a result. Jay was fantastic and I have already had the current Head of Year 9 ask for a copy of the brochure as she will be very interested in using your company in the future. The two sessions were pitched perfectly and kept the students fully focused and interested all morning, and for some the whole day. A super day, Thank You

Employable You
The Kings School (Secondary School)
The Kings School

On behalf of the students at the King's School I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation for our Routes and Pathways day.

I was delighted to hear from the boy's, staff and parents that they thouroughly enjoyed the session and found it very worthwhile.

We would very much like to welcome you back to the school soon.

Mastering Student Motivation
Broadwater School (Secondary School)
Broadwater School

Very engaging and the students enjoyed working with Jay

Super Speed Study Skills
The Piggott School (Secondary School)
The Piggott School

As ever, feedback was great. Daniel was enthusiastic and sessions were fun and informative. Staff and students were happy

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