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Resilience Workshop
The Schools HR Co-operative (Secondary School)
The Schools HR Co-operative
As you know Natalie has provided so far one crash course on Accelerated Learning and yesterday Resilience and Mental Health. I just want you to know that she is a fantastic provider, she is so engaging, full of enthusiasm and you could listen to her all day. The comments so far I have received from the NQT's on the evaluation forms all say this plus more. Even though I am not a teacher, I could listen to her all day, my mind never wandered once throughout the course, like sometimes it does as you well know if the provider has a drab voice, or doesn't make the content exciting and interesting. Here are a few comments I have taken from the evaluation forms I have received back. "The course provider was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and upbeat" "Very engaging, most enjoyable and useful course so far. Uplifting" "The course made me learn to be positive about ourselves, children in class and people around us" "This will have a positive impact on my mindse". "Very informative, would highly recommend it for future NQTs" "The course provider was wonderful. She had a relaxed approach and was really engaging as she was clearly passionate about what she was teaching us" "Natalie provided the training in a very eloquent and engaging way. She included a wide range of activities and kept us focus during the whole training" I am very pleased I have found your company Positively Mad and Natalie, a wonderful find.
Bridging the Gap
Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey (Secondary School)
Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey

Smooth running and I was able to maintain my teaching timetable knowing the students were in good hands. (There were cover staff there as well) Jay knows the venue and set-up. No issues re Covid. Positive feedback from students. Interaction and banter. The effect of the examples and ideas on the students. Professionalism. Knowledge of the subject and methods. 9/10

Positively MAD
Madeley Academy (Primary School)
Madeley Academy

Thank you for the two workshops, they were brilliant! Students seemed to engage well in them from what I could hear, I have had a few students email me personally to say how much they enjoyed it too. You had great energy and I thought it worked extremely well on Zoom too.

I thought the online ‘Bridging the Gap’ workshop was extremely successful in the current climate. Across the day we had 114 students log in and take part. Dave was excellent and managed to gain a rapport with the students in an online environment. Thank you for your time and efforts! 10/10

Bridging the Gap
St Cuthberts High School, Newcastle (Primary School)
St Cuthberts High School, Newcastle

Excellent really engaging. 10/10

Positively MAD
Kingsmeadow High School (Primary School)
Kingsmeadow High School

Perfectly pitched and offered some valuable tips for developing independent learning skills. The interactive element helped keep the students engaged. 10/10

Positively MAD
The Helena Romanes School & 6th Form Centre (Primary School)
The Helena Romanes School & 6th Form Centre

Excellent activities for bridging the gap between GCSE and Sixth Form. Smooth, slick and very professional. 10/10

Exam Busters
Derby Moor Academy (Primary School)
Derby Moor Academy
Students found the workshop really inspiring. They loved the style of delivery and several of the more disaffected told me things they had learnt from it later in the day. Several staff stopped me to tell me how inspiring it had been and I’ve already been asked to look at what else you do.
Exam Busters
Leeds West Academy (Secondary School)
Leeds West Academy
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and Positively MAD for being part of ur SPACE Day (Social, Personal and Citizenship Education) on Friday. Your presentation was thought provoking, inspirational and I know will be impactful in assisting the students in our Year 11, 12 and 13 with overcoming the hurdles they will face during their exam series. The manner in which you presented your message and the strategies you gave them (and also the staff who were in the audience) were practical, underpinned by scientific research, but more importantly....fun. This will be a truly memorable moment in their education. I believe the biggest accolade we can give is that we want you and Positively MAD back to work with our students again this term. I am also exceptionally pleased that you could be the keynote presented for our inaugural Engage Evening. The parents of Year 10-13 who attended were exceptionally impressed with your presentation, and the strategies you shared with them in supporting their child with revision, memorisation and exam stress. I have included their feedback below: "Great useful information-great presentation" "Very informative and well thought out evening. It was very informative and provided useful information" "Fantastic" "Very useful and informative" "Well presented" "Well done LWA. Helping both parents and students in getting ready for the upcoming exams" "Thank you LWA for putting on this event. Looking forward to the next Engage Evening".
Exam Busters
Coppice Performing Arts School (Secondary School)
Coppice Performing Arts School

Excellent event. Students and staff both got a lot out of it and are planning to use the new revision skills learnt. The sessions were great. I would like to book Shenaz for another day in March to come and work with the students.

Resilience Workshop
James Hamilton Academy (Secondary School)
James Hamilton Academy
• Information was well suited to age group and there was good variation of tasks and stimuli • Content was relevant and interesting • Messages were very positive about how to deal with tough situations, how to be respectful and determined through life • Pupils were engaged for the whole period, listening and participating in equal measure. This was particularly highlighted when pupils were taught how to count to 10 in Japenese – whole cohort were out of their seats and taking part • Presenter was very engaging, funny and used lots of personal experiences to put points across • Presenter interacted well with pupils and the pupils responded well to her • Presenter was enthusiastic and positive • Pupils were engaged and responded well • Shenaz was a high energy, inspirational person who appeared to get the pupils fully engaged in activities. She made learning easy and enjoyable an I’m sure was contributing to pupils’ positive approach • Shenaz had a great rapport with the pupils and they responded well to her
Exam Busters
Dunclug College (Secondary School)
Dunclug College

Very energetic and enthusiastic presentation from Steve, who clearly portrayed the importance of study skills, mind maps and revision. An excellent resource for our pupils. A well-structured and paced presentation of value.

Super Speed Study Skills
St. Louis Grammar (Secondary School)
St. Louis Grammar

This ‘Super Study Skills’ event was well received by all our Year 11 pupils and expertly presented by Steve. The pupils finished the day armed with a range of multi-sensory learning techniques which will hopefully make their study time in the future more effective and even enjoyable! Thanks for the ‘memories’ Steve.

Super Speed Study Skills
Queen Elizabeth II High School (Secondary School)
Queen Elizabeth II High School

Another excellent day with Positively Mad. Shenaz, the course leader, led the year 11 and year 10 students through the ‘Exam Busters’ and ‘Super Speed Study Skills’ courses respectively with her useful infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun as well as including hard hitting facts to encourage students to study effectively to get the right grades for whatever they want to do post 16. The students left armed with a wealth of useful ideas about to learn and revise effectively. We will certainly be looking to book the courses again next year

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