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Bridging the Gap
Cross & Passion College (Secondary School)
Cross & Passion College
The course was excellent – Shenaz who was the presenter had a brilliant way of delivering the session. She built up a great rapport with the pupils. Our Year 14 pupils got a lot out of the session – they are into their final year of study and were able to see the real benefit of the independent work Our Year 13’s – were slightly different – they are just about to begin their post 16 studies and as a result the idea of independent study was new to them, plus they didn’t have the same level of maturity as the Year 14 pupils. In saying that they still got benefit from the course They are a number of things that the teachers even benefitted from – and in the future we might look at something related to our Junior pupils in relation to study skills. Our main issue is our budget and if we can afford to bring someone over. – overall excellent session. Very worthwhile.
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