Positively MAD Testimonials
Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Summer Schools
Weatherhead High School (Secondary School)
Weatherhead High School
I just wanted to extend my thanks for making it such a wonderful week. It really is a team effort - your hard work and enthusiasm in supporting workshops or keeping us fed and watered helped to ensure that the week ran smoothly and it was a pleasure to work with you all. The feedback from children and parents has been excellent and the week helped many of the more anxious students with a smooth transition to Weatherhead.
Resilience Workshop
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (Secondary School)
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
It was great to work with Natalie beforehand to tailor the sessions to our live online delivery needs. Natalie’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her delivery is so engaging. The content was so useful and relevant and we plan to run these sessions again next year. 10/10
Positively MAD
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Secondary School)
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

The online sessions were engaging and extremely useful. Natalie tailored the online sessions to our students and setting really well. The staff who sat in on the sessions also enjoyed them and got something from them too. We had good feedback from students following the online events. Natalie was a pleasure to work with! Natalie was amazing. She really connected with the students and was lively and engaging despite delivering the same session four times with little break in between – what a professional! 10/10 - I’d give her higher if allowed!!!

Bridging the Gap
Bradford Grammar School (Secondary School)
Bradford Grammar School
The involved and immersive session led by Steve, the practical techniques he introduced to students, and the enthusiasm he brought to our school. Steve’s communication was excellent prior to the event. He paid careful attention to COVID-19 regulations, and he was keen to discuss the contents of the session beforehand to ensure that he was able to deliver the most appropriate session and material to our students. I would be very happy to hear from Positively Mad in the Spring term, from January 2021.10/10
Exam Busters
Kenton School (Secondary School)
Kenton School
Support, delivery and enthusiasm from Shenaz and Steve was fantastic. Both engaged pupils and parents which was a main purpose of the workshop. Amazing! Could not have been better. 10/10
Bridging the Gap
Outwood Grange Academy (Secondary School)
Outwood Grange Academy

I would just like to thank Shenaz for her brilliant sessions. Her ability to connect with students and relate to their stage in education was impeccable. Her delivery was engaging, relevant (almost as though she worked with us daily), the language she used to explain her workshops couldn't have been more on point. Students have left with lots of new methods to revise and tips to manage their emotions and be more resilient. I will be booking next year. Teachers were blown away and loved every minute of the workshops.

Super Speed Study Skills
Withington Girls' School (Secondary School)
Withington Girls' School

The Super Speedy Study Skills workshop was delivered to our Year 10 girls, then the parents session with Year 10 and 11. Both sessions were absolutely superb. In particular, the content provided students with accessible strategies they could deploy across the curriculum which promoted processing, rather than passivity. Not only were the activities explained, they were demonstrated and applied. The facilitation of retention was tangible for every single student. As such, students finished feeling equipped and confident in the skills they had developed. They were keen to adopt these strategies in their independent study due to the enthusiasm invoked in them during the sessions. Complete buy-in was also supported by the scientific evidence provided and approach taken in delivery. Furthermore, parents were completely engaged and delighted with the progress they observed amongst their children. They were also extremely grateful that the messages conveyed were consistent with the advice given by themselves and teachers. As such, at home, they felt confident they would be able to enable effective study. The resources used were absolutely appropriate, however what really made these sessions was the competence and tone of our presenter, Shenaz. Her manner with the students and parents was spot-on. She instantly read the audience and ensured that every member was able to fully participated. We will certainly be booking again in the future!!!

Exam Busters
Stockport Grammar School (Secondary School)
Stockport Grammar School
Steve was well prepared and the material was delivered at an appropriate pace and with enthusiasm. He engaged the pupils. Met our needs and will use again! 10/10
Mastering Student Motivation
Our Lady's Catholic High School (Secondary School)
Our Lady's Catholic High School

An outstanding workshop that engaged and motivated our pupils. Shenaz really engaged with all our pupils and they were all very motivated following the session. An excellent day and excellent presenter.

Exam Busters
The Fallibroome Academy (Secondary School)
The Fallibroome Academy

The workshop was very engaging and helped the students unpick the mystery of revision. Many of the students reacted very positively to the workshop and it was exactly what they needed at this point in an important year.

Exam Busters
Upper Batley High School (Secondary School)
Upper Batley High School
The session was very good. The boys had a good session and we hope they start to revise more now and use mind maps to revise.
Bridging the Gap
Alsop High School (Secondary School)
Alsop High School
An absolutely fantastic session delivered by Shenaz. Both the staff and students that attended were delighted by the pace, energy and enthusiasm that Shenaz put into the sessions for both years. The students found the workshop extremely useful and we have actually seen a massive difference in the students’ attitude towards learning already in these first days of Sixth Form. We really hope that we can use your services soon to carry on guiding and encouraging our students! Great organization and delivery overall; we could not fault anything!
Bridging the Gap
Stockport Grammar School (Secondary School)
Stockport Grammar School
Thank you for taking the time to visit our school on Tuesday. Jackie, Rachel and I were very happy with both sessions; which will help ensure our Fifth and Sixth formers will be able to make strong starts to the new academic year. Thank you also for forwarding supporting resources, which will help us with our continuing guidance given to the pupils. They have fed back positively to all of us in recent days. Jackie and I would be very happy to work with you again in the future.
Bridging the Gap
Oldham Hulme Grammar School (Secondary School)
Oldham Hulme Grammar School
Steve is an energetic presenter and has a good rapport with the students. The mind map activity was particularly powerful as it was interactive and effective - good choice of topic aswell.
Resilience Workshop
Prescot School (Secondary School)
Prescot School

The Resilience INSET Day was an excellent course and staff were energized and motivated by the training. Kim was a first rate trainer who judged the mood of the staff well and ensured that the day met their needs. The resources provided were spot on and supported Kim’s delivery well. I would not hesitate to recommend this training to anyone. The day was well organized and passed really quickly. Momentum was kept up throughout the day and I can honestly say staff enjoyed every minute.

Exam Busters
Pleckgate High School (Secondary School)
Pleckgate High School
Shenaz was very flexible and was able to adapt the courses towards different subjects. The students gained some practical and useful skills that they can use across different subjects, it was very helpful to link the strategies to GCSEPod. The students were really positive, enthusiastic and every single one of them participated in each session. A big thank you to Shenaz. Shenaz was an excellent presenter, she was organised and communicated with the students really well.
Creative Approaches to Learning
St Agnes C.E. Primary School (Primary School)
St Agnes C.E. Primary School

The course was highly attuned to the needs of the children and demonstrated the learning capacity, skills and attitudes to learning clearly and in a highly engaging way. Tools were shared which pupils could access regardless of ability, language, skills or age.

These are the comments of one Year 5 teacher who was in the CA2L session – Links were constantly made to areas of the brain and how ‘we’ use our brains in and out of class. Also emphasis was made towards the children making an active choice(s) to be pro-active with their learning eg not to sit with friends in class, taking their coat off before entering the classroom, wearing the school uniform, leaving break times for chatting and working at home without lots of distractions from technical devices.

The usefulness of a course is its application and useability – the morning session staff had, by the afternoon incorporated the ‘map’ in their session and pupils take their coats off ‘ready to learn’ before entering their class. Therefore a highly successful day was had.

Exam Busters
Baines School (Secondary School)
Baines School
We are regular users of your presenters and this year was to the usual high standard. Steve was engaging and interesting – he delivered a useful and relevant session and we were particularly impressed that he has included the physics equations as requested by one of our staff! 100% positive.
Exam Busters
Bolton Muslim Girls School (Secondary School)
Bolton Muslim Girls School
Students and staff alike were enthused. As always the mind map stole the show. Tips about memory where valued and the relaxation techniques were appreciated. The presenter was full of energy and wisdom. They established an excellent relationship with students, staff and parents too with all stakeholders really valuing the inspiration they received on the day. A worthwhile day. The school was buzzing with excitement and energy with students and staff feeling charged up to prepare well for exams.
Creative Approaches to Learning
St Christophers CE High School (Secondary School)
St Christophers CE High School

Hi Shenaz, I have some feedback from the last session for you: The Creative Approaches to Learning session was an enjoyable and educational experience for our year 7 pupils. The event was delivered over two sessions with approximately one hundred pupils in each. Shenaz was energetic and engaging throughout as the pupils got to grips with memory techniques and organisational skills. The staff were very complimentary about the content and pace of the delivery with many looking forward to seeing the benefits of these sessions carried through to the classroom. The behaviour of over 200 pupils was excellent, which shows the level of commitment from Shenaz to engage and earn the respect of the pupils. Cheers, Ryan

Mastering Student Motivation
Altrincham College (Secondary School)
Altrincham College
Very engaging and easy for the students to relate to. Fun and dynamic the students should have got a lot out of it Shenaz was very motivational and gave the students really valuable tools to take away and use in their studies.
Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
Queen Elizabeth II High School (Secondary School)
Queen Elizabeth II High School

As always, Shenaz was fantastic. The INSETT session for staff was extremely well received - a great way to start the year, motivate staff and get them really thinking of practical ways we can adapt teaching and learning to raise boys achievement. Staff feedback from this session was entirely positive. The student workshops for KS4 & KS5 were equally well received with all students gaining a great deal from the experience. - Thank you very much.

Creative Approaches to Learning
St Thomas CofE Primary School (Primary School)
St Thomas CofE Primary School
It was exactly what the children needed for the day in order to prepare themselves for their return to year six Each child was catered for as they learned more learning approaches to help them with their memory and techniques to increase productivity from the children.
Super Speed Study Skills
St Julie's Catholic High School (Secondary School)
St Julie's Catholic High School
Steve was very good lots of energy and dealt with the pupils well The content was well focused and geared towards our needs Pupils were very positive about the session and some stated that ‘ now I know how to revise’ The pupils enjoyed the session and got a lot from it. Thank you
Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
St Mary RC Primary School (Primary School)
St Mary RC Primary School
Staff were delighted with the fun and interactive nature of the day. Key premises and strategies for making a difference in pupils’ ability to learn and make progress were delivered in an inspiring and enlightening way. All present said they thoroughly enjoyed the INSET provided by Shenaz and gained a great deal from it. The day was well run and well organised.
Mastering Student Motivation
Broadoak School (Secondary School)
Broadoak School
Hi Jay, Thank you so much for the work you did with our children last Thursday. With all activities similar to yours it can be hard to measure the effects and even justify the time off timetable. In this case I truly feel that the children benefitted immensely from your inspirational and thought provoking sessions and that the time out of lessons was extremely well justified. Our year 10 cohort are a tough bunch and you kept them thinking and concentrating for a full day. More importantly the feedback that we have had from the pupils has been extremely positive with many pupils stating that they have already used the strategies in their studies. Thanks again, Fraser
Creative Approaches to Learning
St Thomas Church of England (Primary School)
St Thomas Church of England
Shenaz was really amazing, she got down to a level with the children right from the start. Her behaviour management was impeccable and the children really understood everything she had to say. They have remembered everything she taught them and I have tested them today.
Exam Busters
Tauheedul Islam Boys (Secondary School)
Tauheedul Islam Boys
We would like to thank Shenaz from Positively Mad for coming in to deliver sessions to our boys, staff and parents. The techniques she used have been implemented since and are having a very positive impact on learning in the classroom. Both teachers and parents were bowled over by her dazzling personality which made learning fun. We would highly recommend Shenaz to any school who wants someone to come in and have a genuine impact on their learners.
Exam Busters
Thornleigh Salesian College (Secondary School)
Thornleigh Salesian College
Sophie was a great presenter – the strategies were extremely useful, students were completely engaged throughout. The course was appropriate and Sophie took the time to check out what we were already doing in school so that she could complement this with her presentation.
Exam Busters
St Wilfred's Academy (Secondary School)
St Wilfred's Academy
Feedback from students and staff alike has been good. Students enjoyed the fast paced style and varied techniques demonstrated and were impressed by the facts they had remembered during the day. Resources were clear, easy to follow and very engaging. Shenaz quickly developed a rapport with the students and engaged them in the activities. Shenaz was punctual, enthusiastic and well prepared. Session timing was good as run up to second mock week is in progress.
Bridging the Gap
Baines School (Secondary School)
Baines School

I thought Shenaz was really engaging and she worked well with the young people that came to the session, she kept them engaged (which isn’t easy) and it was an enjoyable session.

Bridging the Gap
Whalley Range High School (Secondary School)
Whalley Range High School

The presenter was engaging and showed students a variety of ways to continue their learning beyond the classroom. What particularly stood out for me was how taking ownership for one’s own success was in the opening part of the gentleman’s address to the students. I was thoroughly impressed with the presenter’s enthusiasm and the quality of his presentation materials. I would highly recommend it and I have already sent a copy of the brochure given to me by the presenter to a friend and colleague of mine who heads up a Sixth Form in Lymm.

Bridging the Gap
Beckfoot School (Secondary School)
Beckfoot School

I saw the first ‘bridging the gap’ course – I thought it was extremely well delivered, very visual, very easy. Shenaz had hold of her audience even though here were 150 of them.

Bridging the Gap
Altrincham College of Arts (Secondary School)
Altrincham College of Arts

Very positive and motivational. Students seem to be engaged and get a lot out of it as they were taught new techniques and how to think about things differently.

Summer Schools
Bolton Muslim Girls School (Secondary School)
Bolton Muslim Girls School

The sessions were very enjoyable. The students where very positive about the information they had learned and the activities they were taking part in. The showed in great pride how they had stored information during the mind mapping session. The mix of class room based and physical activity kept the girls happy and interested. Shanaz and Laura who ran the activities where absolute brilliant. The staffs were very intuitive and picked up issues with the girls and along with staff put steps in place to work with the girls. They built great relationships with students and staff. I would highly recommend then again. The ladies time management of activates really kept the summer school on track. The students enjoyed working with them so much they wanted to bring the staff on the trip with them.

Creative Approaches to Learning
Eaves Primary & Merton Bank Primary (Primary School)
Eaves Primary & Merton Bank Primary

All of the staff and children I spoke to enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun. It was evident form the sessions I was involved in the children learnt lots of new facts they couldn’t recall prior to the strategies used in the sessions. I think the staff and children actually shocked themselves in how many facts they could recall! Some of the comments shared by staff and children ‘A very energetic and enthusiastaic teacher’ ‘Had lots of fun’ ‘I loved it’ ‘I remembered a lot of new things’ ‘I wish she was my teacher’

Exam Busters
Our Lady's Catholic High School (Secondary School)
Our Lady's Catholic High School

Excellent course – outstanding presentation and engagement from Jay – feedback from pupils outstanding. Parental feedback very positive both from their children and those who attended the twilight session.

Exam Busters
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School (Secondary School)
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School

The exam busting workshop was both engaging and relevant. The majority of staff and students alike found the course very useful with some excellent tips on how to revise for their G.C.S.E exams. Student engagement was high throughout the course, mainly due to Shenaz’s outgoing personality and the fast pace of the course. An excellent and worthwhile day which provided pupils with useful revision tools for their final examinations.

Exam Busters
Walkden High School (Secondary School)
Walkden High School

Thanks for everything last Friday. I thought you were really likeable in your interaction with the students (and to me and the staff too, of course!) and we enjoyed having you in to deliver the students. Great sessions!

Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - English
Newall Green High (Secondary School)
Newall Green High

English session – really pleased with this, worked very well and both students and staff involved enjoyed it.

Super Speed Study Skills
The Hollins Technology College (Secondary School)
The Hollins Technology College

Steve was a great presenter and really enthused the pupils. Parents at the parent session all said how useful and valuable their session was. Brilliant day that thoroughly engaged and invigorated our pupils. Thank you.

Exam Busters
Alderley Edge School for Girls (Secondary School)
Alderley Edge School for Girls

The course was lively and Steve did well to keep their interest and the girls learnt or reinforced some good memory skills. The delivery was lively and exciting again and we have had a very positive response from the girls. All in all a very good day, we just wonder how Steve can perform at that level all the time even watching him was exhausting!

Mind Mapping
Shavington High School (Secondary School)
Shavington High School

The course is very beneficial to the students; the students enjoyed the mind mapping activity and have started to use them in lessons as a revision resource. I enjoyed the learning about the revision techniques too, such as the illustrations to help revision, different colours and mind mapping. I will be implementing them into my teaching and ensuring recap over work at least 5 times throughout the course so students remember it. The day was good, all students were engaged and behaviour was good. With the large amount of students in the hall the day went extremely well considering. All students took a lot from the day.

Exam Busters
Altrincham college of arts (Secondary School)
Altrincham college of arts

Great presenter, very enthusiastic delivery with valuable techniques the students can take away with them. I liked the flexibility of what to include in course material.

Bridging the Gap
Bolton St Catherine's Academy (Secondary School)
Bolton St Catherine's Academy

Generally the feedback was very positive from the students and they were introduced to some new techniques which I know that staff who were in the presentation have used with their groups

Exam Busters
Balshaws CE High School (Secondary School)
Balshaws CE High School

The vast majority of the pupils involved in the course were very positive about it. They found Karim to be an entertaining and thought provoking teacher/presenter and they were fully engaged for the whole of the sessions. I have also received very positive feedback on the session from the staff that were involved and I personally am very impressed. One pupil asked his teacher if he could go into the second session as he had enjoyed it so much and was worried in case had missed something. I have attached a summary of a survey that I carried out on a sample of the pupils involved in the day.

Exam Busters
Our Lady Catholic College (Secondary School)
Our Lady Catholic College

Informative and very useful information for young people to revision techniques to help them in their exams and young adult life in fact. Students loved it so here’s hoping they use these techniques to better themselves and their results and school work in the future. As ever Rachel “Positively Fab” on presenting to the young people. I was on the same bus as some of our students that afternoon going home and all they talked about was what they had learnt and how easy it was to learn the “Rachel” way!! Music to my ears as I knew this was productive after all taking them out of lessons all day! Thank you for Year 10 at Our Lady’s and myself, Lynne Whitaker.

Exam Busters
Calderstones school (Secondary School)
Calderstones school

Mark and Steve were very professional and very skilled presenters. We really enjoyed the course and most of the students got something out of the day. The nature of the cohort that we asked Mark and Steve to work with, meant that some of the students were disaffected and reluctant to engage. I would recommend them wholeheartedly. The techniques and the course content were high quality. I’m sure we’ll book the course again, Incidentally – we booked this course because of the recommendation of a colleague.

Super Speed Study Skills
Holy Family RC& CE College (Secondary School)
Holy Family RC& CE College

Can I just say many thanks – Jay was in school with us last week and it was a really positive experience for our students. Please can you pass on thanks to Jay. We are focusing this week on building on the workshops from last week with Years 8-11 students. We will definitely be booking again for next January.

Exam Busters
Our Lady's Catholic College, Lancaster (Secondary School)
Our Lady's Catholic College, Lancaster
Morning Rachel!
Hope you got home safely on Friday after leaving us here at Our Lady's.
A BIG Thank you for your fab presentation/workshop on Exam Busting - the staff and students all seemed to really enjoy what you showed them and it opened their minds on what they CAN achieve via simple techniques.
I'm going around the Year 11 forms tomorrow for feedback so I will let you know further on their thoughts from Friday.  It worked on me as I can still remember about Marco!!
It was a pleasure having you in school and working with you.
Take care & have a lovely Christmas break with your loved ones.
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