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Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Super Speed Study Skills
Whitmore High School (Secondary School)
Whitmore High School
I just wanted to say how 'Great' Shenaz was today. I have told her myself but wanted to let you know. She was great with the students, and with being flexible due to students having covid tests at different times in the day.
Super Speed Study Skills
Thomas Tallis School (Secondary School)
Thomas Tallis School

The 4 session were informative and entertaining. Good strategies shared and opportunities for discussion. Personable, knowledgeable, and shared anecdotes to engage. Dave was prepared to go off on a tangent to accommodate the student's questions, which was good. 8/10!

Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
Schools HR (Secondary School)
Schools HR

Just to let you know that Natalie was brilliant, very easy to listen too and was a very good presenter and had good knowledge and all the NQTs seemed to have enjoyed her course. I'm glad I found your company

Bridging the Gap
Carshalton School for Girls (Secondary School)
Carshalton School for Girls
The workshops were excellent and delivered well. They were very relevant and the students definitely got a lot out of the day. Our presenter, David Jerome, was super. He related well to the students and was so energetic. The workshops were excellent and the really great thing was how flexible our presenter was to provide our students with exactly what they needed and within our schedules. Thank you!
Bridging the Gap
Kingsdale Foundation School (Secondary School)
Kingsdale Foundation School
Well pitched, engaging, with lots of fresh ideas for students and staff. Really glad we arranged it!
Super Speed Study Skills
The Norwood School (Secondary School)
The Norwood School

Natalie is a great communicator and trainer and wasted no time engaging our students who are not generally the easiest to get on board. I have already seen students try and apply some this in learning and note taking. Great session even according to teachers

Mastering Student Motivation
Blackfen School for Girls (Secondary School)
Blackfen School for Girls

Facilitator full of energy. Lots of helpful strategies. 10/10

Creative Approaches to Learning
Orchard Park High School (Secondary School)
Orchard Park High School

The first half of the session contained some really helpful revision and study techniques for the students and a lot was gained within the space of time provided. These techniques were delivered in a fun, memorable and engaging manner.

Resilience Workshop
Durston House School (Secondary School)
Durston House School

Kim, forgive me for not writing to you to thank you on Friday. We wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful workshops you did – they made a big impact on staff and boys – and parents – and have given us a lot to think about and discuss in lessons. Thank you again for your huge effort, hard work and for sending through the power points.

The boys in each session were very enthused – the age range was from 7 – 13. Kim did really well adapting the two sessions to each age group – but each time the messages were equally clear and strong. The power point was excellent and backed up visually what Kim was saying – staff and boys have been talking about some of the points that came up, partly because the visuals were so strong and have helped us remember the content.

A good balance between Kim talking and getting the boys to participate – each session went quickly and enjoyably. Kim was in complete control of her content and audience. The parents at the last session were also engaged and enthused and Kim did well to pack the information into a tight 45 minute slot.

The sessions tied in very well to topics we have begun to explore in school – mindfulness, resilience. Having Kim gave us different angles to think about eg What does success look like? What are the chemical reactions that go on in the brain and influence our mood? Keep a bedtime diary of positive things to keep the “good” hormones in the front of your mind while you sleep. So lots of good ideas there for us.

Bridging the Gap
Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College (Secondary School)
Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College

The workshops were interesting and interactive. Jay was very lively and relatable. The 2 different sessions were very useful to each year group and hopefully all students came away with some motivation for the coming year. Jay’s session on mind mapping was an excellent way to show student how they can revise effectively and proof that it works. The day ran very smoothing and Jay was very flexible with your timings and managed to deliver the sessions equally as well in a shorter time frame.

Crash Course in Accelerated Learning
Culvers House Primary School (Secondary School)
Culvers House Primary School

Well organised and executed. Kim was an excellent presenter who left us with many ideas for improving learning outcomes. Staff were very positive about the day. I would highly recommend this training to other schools.

Exam Busters
Kingsdale Foundation School (Secondary School)
Kingsdale Foundation School
I was very pleased with Natalie and loved her attitude. She was fantastic. We had over 60 responses from parents about the evening from their anonymous feedback sheets and all 58 were positive to more than positive. All the teachers and myself thought her delivery was brill!
Resilience Workshop
West Acton Primary School (Primary School)
West Acton Primary School
The course was just the right balance of useful information, fun games and great ideas that can be implemented in the classroom. Most importantly it helped all of us to think about how resilient we really are and what we can do to look after our own mental health. Everyone loved Rachel and found her extremely engaging and inspiring. We could feel her passion for what she was doing and it inspired most of us to take serious action to start taking better care of our mental health and wellbeing. After all, how can we look after our students mental health if we don’t know how to look after our own. We will be looking into how we can make use of the Big Top model with the children.
Resilience Workshop
Roe Green Infant School (Primary School)
Roe Green Infant School
The staff really enjoyed the training and were inspired by Kim, she was full of energy and had frequent, short brain gym exercise for everyone to follow, which kept us all alert and motivated. Her presentation and delivery was impeccable and really informative, we all gained a good insight into how to make mind maps a key tool for learning in different areas of the curriculum.
Exam Busters
East Barnet School (Secondary School)
East Barnet School
I thought it was great. The students seemed very enthusiastic and a number were still reciting the story Jay taught them the following day. Everything ran smoothly, very pleased.
Exam Busters
Stratford School Academy (Secondary School)
Stratford School Academy
Natalie was fantastic and the feedback from staff and pupils was hugely positive. It was a great day and our pupils gained a great deal.
Resilience Workshop
Hampton Junior School (Primary School)
Hampton Junior School
Course was well run and well-resourced and the message was clearly delivered to the children. Leader was lovely and very approachable, really engaged the children and helped them to easily understand a challenging topic.
Employable You
Jo Richardson Community School (Secondary School)
Jo Richardson Community School
Love Employable You – really good to show the students how important the soft skills are and how they can reduce the chances of failure by prepping and planning. Particularly good for yr13 as their thoughts are turning to long term employment/ University interviews.Mark is an excellent presenter who gets the delivery spot on for the students. He is adaptive and responsive which helps to overcome initial shyness or alternately bullish behavior! Really like having the two sessions, especially following up from yr12 with Employable You for yr13
Exam Busters
Chadwell Heath Academy (Secondary School)
Chadwell Heath Academy
The Exam buster course was very useful to the year group. It gave a detailed insight into revision skills and exam best practice. Both sessions were engaging. Jay did a great job!
Bridging the Gap
Charles Darwin School (Secondary School)
Charles Darwin School

It was really good. The pupils were permanently engaged and the presenter changed pace and kept them on their toes. The tips were useful and perhaps the later techniques were more specific to the older age group. We enjoyed it and it was very useful.

Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - Maths
Madani Girls School (Secondary School)
Madani Girls School
I thought the content and the delivery was superb. Rachel kept them engaged and eager to learn more about the different aspects of Numeracy. We had some students who were quite reluctant at first but soon got into the session and were taking part. I also noticed that Rachel was aware that there were different year groups and ability ranges in the room. She would ask questions and challenge accordingly, making the students feel at ease with the rest of the group. Overall, I thought it was great that students went away with skills such as applying mathematics in their daily life and great techniques to use when multiplying, dividing etc.
Exam Busters
Harlington (Secondary School)
I was a parent that went to one of your workshops. I wanted to thank you once more not only for helping me understand more to help my son's but to thank you for guiding them today. Carry on the good work, I only wish you were around when I was at school, I believe it would have made a difference.
Super Speed Study Skills
Portland Place School (Secondary School)
Portland Place School
Both Natalie and mark were very professional and well prepared. The pupils were engaged and focused. The pacing was just right. The explanations were well chosen – especially the Mohammed Ali story as its currently in the news but our generation of pupil swill not be familiar with his story. A successful day both the Thur and the Fri. We will look to have the team back next session Thanks.
Super Speed Study Skills
Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form (Secondary School)
Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form
The course was incredibly useful – the girls took away numerous skills and ideas which suit every different type of learner. Natalie was full of energy and even the usually disengaged students (some of which were determined to not be interested!) became engaged. She has a fantastic command of the room and was approachable and totally un-phased by the volume of students (220 in total).
Goal Mapping
Whizz Kidz (Secondary School)
Whizz Kidz
Rachel was brilliant and we know the young people really enjoyed the course and gained a lot from participating
Employable You
Jo Richardson Community School (Secondary School)
Jo Richardson Community School

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your presentations yesterday. Thought they were pitched really well and you had a great manner about your presentations which I know the students warmed to. We were really pleased with the “Employable You” workshop which we had not had before and will definitely do a double booking again with the Bridging The Gap.

Bridging the Gap
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College (Secondary School)
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College

The students I spoke with briefly found Natalie’s presentation engaging and stimulating and a number of them spoke about the techniques learnt in their lessons today. The initial mind mapping exercise was particularly well received.

Bridging the Gap
Burntwood School (Secondary School)
Burntwood School

It went really well and the vast majority of students enjoyed it and found it useful Well organized and lived up to your publicity.

Mastering Student Motivation
Wanstead High School (Secondary School)
Wanstead High School

Thank you so much for your presentations today. The staff thought they were first class. Hopefully at least 90% will use these techniques to achieve their target grades in their GCSE's and in any future exams. Two boys from the afternoon were walking the school at 3.40 with a pen and paper (!) asking staff to recommend revision books for their subjects. I am sure the effect will be long lasting Thanks again Steve

Super Speed Study Skills
The Crest Boys & Girls Academy (Secondary School)
The Crest Boys & Girls Academy

I feel that the course is very beneficial to students and delivers ways that students can in enhance their learning in a fun and dynamic way. Again, there were very positive feedback comments from both staff and students regarding the day, content and facilitator Kim.

Exam Busters
Bexley Heath Academy (Secondary School)
Bexley Heath Academy

I know Lou has thanked you as our lead of the respective area in which you worked with our students last week but if I may also add my sincerest gratitude as Principal. The sessions were very well led according to my team and the feedback from the students has also been extremely positive as well. At such a critical time of their schooling such input should never be underestimated and we are sure what they learnt last week will indeed feed into their final 16 weeks of Year 11 and as they build up to and move through their summer examination period. Thank you again Sophie and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bexleyheath Academy at some point in the future.

Bridging the Gap
Jo Richardson School (Secondary School)
Jo Richardson School

Find it a very useful and engaging course. Good to get students to broaden their thinking about revision/ learning now doing it at a higher level than GCSE Good to have short snappy activities which gets students “moving” and time to defocus before refocusing! Good speaker (Sophie Stiddard) – enthusiastic, presented clearly and well with good humour

Exam Busters
Robert Clack School (Secondary School)
Robert Clack School

Evaluation is based upon 1:1 interviews with 8 Year 11 school council representatives The feedback from the focus group and from Year 11 in general following the event was extremely positive. · Use of colour and the instruction to use colour in revision sessions · Already used the story telling and the mind mapping in revision · Felt active and involved and felt like the whole session only lasted for 1 period. · Recall 5 times and learn forever has been used a lot · Relevant to a lot of different subjects · Presenter was amazing and made it all really interactive.

Mastering Student Motivation
Villiers High School (Secondary School)
Villiers High School

Natalie was excellent – her enthusiasm and passion were really clear, and this rubbed off on the students. They were all really positive about the content and the course leader. Communication with Natalie before the event was really easy, she arrived early in the morning and was adaptable to our requests! 10/10!!!

Exam Busters
Guru Nanak Sikh Academy (Secondary School)
Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

The exam buster course was insightful and relevant to Year 11 students who are due to embark on the most important period of their life. The techniques used were easy to recall and provided students with an added confidence. There was a real buzz around the year group following the course. Shenaz was a great presenter and gave students a different voice regarding how to get the best of their exams.

Exam Busters
Graveney School (Secondary School)
Graveney School

Excellent. Pitched just right and students responded really well. They came in to school specially for this event (the rest had a long weekend) so this speaks volumes. We are very pleased that we opted to hold the parental session – they were hugely positive about it and I think it will make the stressful months ahead a great deal easier – parents and students in it together.

Bridging the Gap
Jo Richardson Community School (Secondary School)
Jo Richardson Community School

Rachel was an energetic and skillful presenter. The material was helpful and explained well. The teacher meeting was a useful addition.

Goal Mapping
Ockendon Academy (Secondary School)
Ockendon Academy

I attended a workshop last night at my sons school, run by Vicki. Fabulously inspirational, I am truly inspired. I am a 36 year old mother of three and am just starting a college course myself after last studying 20 years ago, I will take on board everything i saw and learnt and will utilise it throughout my study’s and the rest of my life. Vicki was a breath of fresh air and her energy will stay with me for a very long time. A big Thank you Helen

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