Positively MAD Testimonials
Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Resilience Workshop
The Market Bosworth School (Secondary School)
The Market Bosworth School
Shenaz was fantastic, the students benefited massively from the session. The engaging nature of the session and the fact that students took advice away that will make a difference. The bespoke approach that Shenaz took- she took time to learn students' names and stayed and talked to those that wanted to. She was incredibly organised and made the event stress free. 10/10
Super Speed Study Skills
Derby Moor Academy (Secondary School)
Derby Moor Academy
All students were engaged for the entire 2 hour period. The presenter was brilliant with the students and got to know names really quickly. Students gained some really important study skills and saw the value in what they were doing in the session. Really personable with the students. Brought lots of enthusiasm and this was what engaged the students. The presentation was polished and adaptable to the students in the room. 10/10
Exam Busters
Bournside School (Secondary School)
Bournside School
Interactive and engaging, meeting the needs of the students and responding to how the students responded. Equips the students well with the skills they need to revise for their exams. Fantastic. 10 – Shenaz is excellent – and so engaging
Exam Busters
Littleover Community School (Secondary School)
Littleover Community School
Punchy, lively, a really good reminder of a wide variety of revision strategies Many of our staff said this was the best revision workshop provider we have had in recent years
Exam Busters
Retford Oaks Academy (Secondary School)
Retford Oaks Academy
Very good as ever. Can I pass on how brilliant the deliverer Shenaz was. Parents, staff and most importantly students were in awe of her. Outstanding at what she does and we will be asking for her as the deliverer from now on. Can she come and teach here please Sir? 10/10
Super Speed Study Skills
Abbeyfield School, Northampton (Secondary School)
Abbeyfield School, Northampton

Very interactive and informative- well delivered and you really captured their attention.

Mastering Student Motivation
The Brunts Academy (Secondary School)
The Brunts Academy

Very relevant to our pupils and really opened up the thinking for many of them. The students themselves commented on how positive they found the sessions. Fantastic engagement and the fun and active approach really engaged many of the pupils.

Mastering Student Motivation
Tudor Grange Samworth Academy (Secondary School)
Tudor Grange Samworth Academy

Engaging and relevant. A great experience for the students

Resilience Workshop
William Stukeley CE Primary School (Primary School)
William Stukeley CE Primary School

The workshop was informative, giving accessible knowledge and strategies to all our staff. The workshop was on Monday and by Tuesday, many staff were commenting on ideas and strategies they would personally be using and those they’d be sharing and supporting our children with. For what could be a sensitive topic, Shenaz presented the material in a clear and understandable way. Shenaz ensured the day would be successful by getting to know the school and its requirements, prior to arriving. Shenaz quickly gets to know people and puts them at ease, which then allows for open discussion; Shenaz is a great ambassador for Positively MAD. Please pass on our thanks.

Super Speed Study Skills
Weston Favell Academy (Secondary School)
Weston Favell Academy

Thanks so much for the really engaging workshop. The students loved it! I saw a number of them at the end of the day, and they were 'buzzing' from some of the ideas. I know quite a few of them really well, and it is remarkable that they could tell me so much about Marco Polo after spending just 5 minutes on the topic 6 hours earlier! We will certainly be continuing with some of these ideas, and I would recommend that session to anybody. Clearly the principles would work with our HAPS when learning quotes for a literature exam.

Exam Busters
New College Leicester (Secondary School)
New College Leicester
I would just like to say how excellent yesterday was, the delivery given by Lisa was fun, bouncy, and informative with the majority of students engaging. I have also been made aware that the students left talking about the session. Very well organized, Lisa arrived in plenty of time and set up, had all resources to hand. Excellent session.
Super Speed Study Skills
Kings School Grantham (Secondary School)
Kings School Grantham
Thanks again for delivering the workshops yesterday. I've had lots of positive feedback from parents and students. Hope to see you again for our workshops next year.
Exam Busters
Abbeyfield School, Northampton (Secondary School)
Abbeyfield School, Northampton
The course was excellent and the students responded extremely well. I heard only positive comments about the day from the students. The examples of the different strategies they could use were excellent and the way they were employed during the day really demonstrated to the students how they could help them learn. I think the students will remember the main facts about the “Life of Muhammed Ali” for a long time. The way length of the session was exactly right and it fit well in to our school day. Jay led the sessions well and dealt with the students in a mature and respectful way. The way he added real life examples into the session and then finished the session with the importance of gaining qualifications was exactly what some of our students needed to hear.
Exam Busters
Haven High Academy (Secondary School)
Haven High Academy
Fun, inspirational and well worth the cost. Our students enjoyed the sessions, they have not only told me this, but they have gone to many teachers and told them how much they enjoyed the day.
Mastering Student Motivation
The Ferrers School (Secondary School)
The Ferrers School
Well planned, informed and a good blend between exam skills, revision strategies, resilience and motivation. Fantastic interaction with students, creating a positive learning environment. Shenaz,Thank you so much for the fantastic day that you ran on Thursday, we were really pleased and I know that the students enjoyed themselves and would have got lots from your energetic style and brilliant strategies. We will be looking at further intervention following the mock exams.
Super Speed Study Skills
Kesteven and Grantham School (Secondary School)
Kesteven and Grantham School
This course is perfect for students starting their GCSE studies. It reinforces what teachers say to the students but also introduces different techniques and proves to them that it works. This is the third consecutive year we have used positively mad as an induction to year 10 and we will use you again. Excellent. Rachel was enthusiastic and confident in her delivery and adaptable to the reaction of our students. It’s a lot to squeeze into a 2 and a half hours but this helps to keep the students engaged and interested in what they are being told. Thank you
Super Speed Study Skills
Corby Technical School (Secondary School)
Corby Technical School
Really good sessions, engaging and eye opening in terms of how easy it is to use some of the skills. Some very simple ways of showing the students how they can use these techniques. Most students I have spoken to about it both enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I have overheard students discussing the session today both in tutor time and at lunchtime. Very energetic, very positive, good humour and engaged the students well for the majority of the session. Spoke to the students using language that engaged them.
Creative Approaches to Learning
Hind Leys College (Secondary School)
Hind Leys College
Very well delivered, plenty of energy and lots of interaction with students which helped them to engage with new (and not so new) ideas in an exciting way Very positive feedback from students. Staff very happy with range of ideas that were introduced and provided consolidation of what we do…
Exam Busters
The Priory Academy (Secondary School)
The Priory Academy

This course will improve our students’ confidence with revision and was very useful.

Goal Mapping
The Brunts Academy (Secondary School)
The Brunts Academy

Excellent presenter, content engaging and interesting – students were very positive about the session.

Creative Approaches to Learning
Montsaye Academy (Secondary School)
Montsaye Academy

Dear Kim, Below is a letter written by one of our year 7 students: On behalf of Montsaye Academy, we would like to thank you for showing us new ways of how to learn and making us laugh. The best part of the year 7 workshop was where we had to learn the names of the European countries. The year 8's told me that they loved their workshop too! We look forward to using the new techniques you taught us when learning and revising for our tests. Thank you very much, Kuba Plotek (year 7) Kind regards, Claire Keel

Exam Busters
City of Derby Academy (Secondary School)
City of Derby Academy

I can't thank you enough Shenaz, the kids are absolutely buzzing...one of my more difficult ones has just come bouncing into my office with a mind map saying "I know it!!!!" and has just given me chapter and verse about the history ofimmunisations, I hugged her, we are all delighted! I've just done a pp for my assembly on Monday which I've attached...hopefully it will remind them what they've learned and I'll also give out the sheets too! Thank you again, you are a fabulous presenter and worth every penny!

Exam Busters
Boston Grammar School (Secondary School)
Boston Grammar School

Both the Exam Buster and Super Speedy Skills workshops were excellent. The students found them very useful and we even had some mindmaps produced today, using ideas from the workshops. Steve was excellent, his enthusiasm was infectious and kept our students engaged throughout. Giving workshops to two whole year groups in one day was very good and the parents twilight session was very useful and informative too.

Mastering Student Motivation
The Charles Read Academy (Secondary School)
The Charles Read Academy

Your sessions were very well received by students and the Ofsted team were also very impressed.

Super Speed Study Skills
Huxlow Science College (Secondary School)
Huxlow Science College

Hi, I have done my own evaluations and taken the highlights from it.

There was no negatives or improvements given on the 135 forms I received back.

Here are the main positives: •Showed us ways to help revise •It helped and was really good. •Good tips to help with exams •Learnt about positive thinking •New, good, helpful strategies for revising efficiently. •Very enthusiastic and engaging •Helped motivate us •Mad Mark was great. •Memory exercises were useful •Remembering 45 facts on Muhammed Ali •Showed us good revision techniques.

Mastering Student Motivation
The Axholme Academy (Secondary School)
The Axholme Academy

Rachel was brilliant, really lively and engaging throughout the day. The students learning a lot of new techniques to help them revise in the up-coming months. I think they were surprised about how much they could recall. We had a great day and I am now looking at ways to ensure that these techniques are used by students and endorsed by staff.

Bridging the Gap
Ashfield Comprehensive School (Secondary School)
Ashfield Comprehensive School

It was upbeat and positive. It was nice that the students were engaged and shown just how they need to use techniques to their advantage. All staff involved were complimentary about the subject matter and the manner with which Mark conducted himself. It was nice that the students had the time to trial the techniques and had a reminder of what was covered with them when they left.

Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - Science
Newfield Secondary School (Secondary School)
Newfield Secondary School

The students really enjoyed the activities and were still talking about them after they had finished their session. All of the students that I spoke to afterwards said that they would recommend it to others. The feedback that I received from other members of staff was also positive.

Super Speed Study Skills
Kimbolton School (Secondary School)
Kimbolton School

The Super Speed Study Skills workshop was excellent – fun, with lots of ideas for pupils to take away. Pupil evaluation was very positive. Many said that they had tried one of the techniques last night.

Bridging the Gap
Nene Park Academy (Secondary School)
Nene Park Academy

Excellent presentation which engaged the students, despite there being a large number in the hall. Your presenter was enthusiastic and untiring!

Hooks, Lines & Thinkers - English
Tennyson High School, Lincolnshire (Secondary School)
Tennyson High School, Lincolnshire

I am Head of English at THS (Tennyson High School) a secondary modern school in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire.


This year my department was the most improved in the country at KS3, with a third of our pupils gaining L5+ more than last year. This year we are predicting 75% L5+.


Your Positively Mad about English course has been more than instrumental in that success; we have improved KS3 and KS4 imaginative writing skills by at least two grades/levels; many of the resources supplied are used as posters to teach specifics; Speed Reading has become a real competitive sport!


I can honestly say that renewing my acquaintance with your course has reminded me how inspirational and innovative your ideas are – I should be using more of them in school to improve even more!


Thank you.

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