Positively MAD Testimonials
Read how students and teachers have reacted to our workshops.

Bridging the Gap
The Helena Romanes School & 6th Form Centre (Secondary School)
The Helena Romanes School & 6th Form Centre

Excellent activities for bridging the gap between GCSE and Sixth Form. Smooth, slick and very professional. 10/10

Goal Mapping
New Rickstones Academy (Secondary School)
New Rickstones Academy
Really interesting - it was great to have such a wide range of ideas. Very well organised and delivered.
Resilience Workshop
Millhouse Primary School (Primary School)
Millhouse Primary School
The day was really informative and engaging. Staff feedback is overwhelmingly positive with everyone taking away action points and ideas to carry out both within their classroom and personally. Natalie’s presentation style was a good mix of seriousness balanced with upbeat, informal anecdotes and great ideas. The information within the course made us think more deeply about our own mental health and well being as well as the impact on, and signs for, young people’s mental health. Many staff have already implemented some of the ideas with their classes.
Exam Busters
Castle View School (Primary School)
Castle View School
It was brilliant that it gave students so many practical tips for revision. Kim was really engaging and it was nice that she gave examples of how the techniques worked such as the mind map and using objects around the room. The students have commented how useful it was and we’re looking forward to working with you again.
Exam Busters
Hitchin Girls' School (Secondary School)
Hitchin Girls' School
All good valuable revision tools, tips and techniques. The students were attentive throughout both workshops. Even the staff present said they had learnt something new! Jay was a lively and engaging presenter who pitched his delivery perfectly for our Y12 students. It was really helpful to be able to cover the whole year group across the three schools in one day.
Exam Busters
Beaumont School (Secondary School)
Beaumont School
Good for teaching students how to prepare for exams. Introducing memory tools. Definitely stimulated a positive attitude towards learning and revision and provided simple techniques to organise work load. Shenaz was an excellent presenter and read our students extremely well.
Catch Up with Literacy
JCoSS (Secondary School)

Natalie was lively and engaging, staff and students really enjoyed the literacy session. They learnt plenty of skills for improving literacy, planning, and comprehension. Definitely beneficial for our target students.

Bridging the Gap
Elizabeth College, Guernsey (Secondary School)
Elizabeth College, Guernsey
Kim was fantastic and controlled the room really well. The content was well structured and covered the areas that we had been focusing on during the term and therefore reinforced the message.
Bridging the Gap
Knights Templar School (Secondary School)
Knights Templar School
The worksheets, resources and tasks provided to the students were very useful and will form a part of our tutorial programme moving forward. Jay was energetic, enthusiastic and pitched his presentation at the correct level for our students. He gave the students breaks when appropriate and struck a good balance between student led work and more directed work.
Exam Busters
Chelmer Valley High School (Secondary School)
Chelmer Valley High School
Superb as always, students felt very positive about the course and application. Kim’s enthusiasm was infectious and students thought her message was very powerful. The day was excellent. We have had several parents feedback how great they thought the twilight session was.
Exam Busters
New Hall School (Secondary School)
New Hall School
Students found the skills and tips useful and the presentation engaging. The session was received as positive and a motivating 'welcome back' start to the new year.
Resilience Workshop
Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls (Secondary School)
Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls
Both courses were very intensive, detailed with lots of good strategies to help combat anxiety, develop resilience and to introduce different methods of revising. 2 very good enjoyable sessions. The Upper 6 in particular enjoyed Rachel’s workshop and felt she communicated very well with the girls
Bridging the Gap
Westcliff High School for Girls (Secondary School)
Westcliff High School for Girls
Enthusiastic presenter - helpful for research.
Positively MAD
The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College (Secondary School)
The Bromfords School and Sixth Form College
The course content was very good, relative for the year 11 students.
Super Speed Study Skills
Wootton Upper School (Secondary School)
Wootton Upper School

I felt that the course was well pitched between activities and lecture speaking. Practical strategies were given that have enabled students to extend their repertoire of study skills. Rachel was great in adapting to our timing constraints and she was extremely professional throughout.

Mastering Student Motivation
St Georges Academy (Secondary School)
St Georges Academy
Excellent- the course really delivered what we were looking for. Resources were very good as was the presenter. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the whole course. Many commented that they had gotten a lot from the material they looked at and were hoping that it will help them with their exams.
Bridging the Gap
Open Academy (Secondary School)
Open Academy
The bridging the gap course was extremely engaging and useful for the students. It had a good balance of interaction and theory. Really positive feedback from the students. Rachel was excellent, very engaging and well planned for the day. I would highly recommend her as a presenter.
Mastering Student Motivation
Chantry Academy (Secondary School)
Chantry Academy
The course content was great. I was really impressed at how the students were able to use the information given to them at the beginning and then recall it all several hours later. The skills taught will prove very beneficial to our students and also to staff in school, skills we can build on in the weeks to come. There was a lot of information delivered over the course of the day but not too much for the students to take it all in. Jay, our presenter, was excellent. He quickly got the measure of our students and identified and built relationships with the few who may have become disengaged with the seminar. He was lively and entertaining – all the students are talking about him today. A great session overall, thanks very much!
Creative Approaches to Learning
St Christopher's CE High School (Secondary School)
St Christopher's CE High School

We had an incredibly productive day when 'Positively Mad' spent presented to our Year 7. Shenaz was engaging and professional with the youngsters whilst instilling some key memory techniques and mind-mapping skills. The aim was to settle the new pupils into our way of establishing independent learners whilst showing that education is accessible to all. Shenaz was superb at keeping the pace and content relevant to our school. The parents' session was particularly well attended and it gave us the chance to share the experience the children had with their parents. We pride ourselves on strong parental support and were delighted with the way Shenaz presented to them: they were involved in some activities and fully on board with the key messages of home learning and independence. Thanks to 'Positively Mad' and, in particular, to Shenaz for an excellent day. See you again soon.

Exam Busters
Hinchingbrooke School (Secondary School)
Hinchingbrooke School

The Exam Busters course provided some very useful tips on memory and revision techniques. It was interactive to an extent which meant that the majority of students were able to engage.

Bridging the Gap
The King John School (Secondary School)
The King John School

Jay provided excellent training for our students. Nothing but positive comments so far.

Catch Up with Numeracy
JCoSS (Secondary School)

• Students were engaged • Set at right level for most students • Good range of numeracy skills practiced

Creative Approaches to Learning
New Hall School (Secondary School)
New Hall School

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and there were many positive comments. Natalie was positive, engaging and held the students attention very well.

Super Speed Study Skills
Putteridge High School (Secondary School)
Putteridge High School

The material was excellent and Rachel was very good. She was punctual and brought all her own equipment. She had a lovely positive manner and the majority of our students engaged with the session and learned from it. The evening session for parents was good too and parents were grateful to have the opportunity to find out what the students had been learning.

Exam Busters
Sir Frederic Osborn School (Secondary School)
Sir Frederic Osborn School

It was a very engaging course and the students participated fully. The students thought it was going to be boring and were truly surprised at how much fun it had been. Sophie was excellent with the students. We are now looking at how we can build on the techniques presented to further enhance the students’ performance. Sophie was excellent, turned up on time and was very organized and interacted really well with the students. She took time to talk to form tutors later who had been in the presentation.

Exam Busters
Samuel Ward Academy (Secondary School)
Samuel Ward Academy

Very effective – Year 11 were very positive and some went on to the next lesson using the techniques The explanations struck home with Year11 and they could not believe how much of Mohamed Ali’s life they remembered. Just right with the timing. Brain gym and change of activities kept the interest.

Goal Mapping
Hellesdon High School (Secondary School)
Hellesdon High School

The course was really well structured and allowed students to focus in on clear and simple techniques that they can take away and use in their A Level studies. The Goal Mapping session fitted well with the earlier Bridging the Gap session to provide some excellent ideas to students that they can use. The overall feeling from both students and the staff present was very positive. Rachel was excellent – well prepared, knowledgeable, with a relax, yet purposeful style – an excellent presenter. She was also able to hold the students’ attention for the whole session (no mean feat with 100 students for 4 hours!!).

Bridging the Gap
Clacton Coastal Academy (Secondary School)
Clacton Coastal Academy

Thanks for your efforts today - all was well received and I think that it gave the students a number of strategies to consider utilising in the coming months. The pitch and pace were fine so thanks again.

Mastering Student Motivation
St Peter's School (Secondary School)
St Peter's School

We loved the day. We thought that Jay was very engaging and both students and staff enjoyed the sessions he delivered. We were able to take strategies from the training to support our students and staff have talked passionately about the grid strategy for revision and the mind mapping. As a pastoral team we are going to use the reflective ‘what have I done well this week’ with all of the students.

Super Speed Study Skills
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School (Secondary School)
Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School

We were extremely happy with the course content. We have been delivering the induction program ourselves for the past few years and it was very similar but it is all in the delivery. Rachel was superb! She had our students’ full attention and the she got across her messages loud and clear. We are looking in to booking the Exam Busters session for our year 11 students as well as having you back next year to provide the positive and inspirational start to our KS4 students.

Mastering Student Motivation
Queens School (Secondary School)
Queens School

Fantastic day, Jay was amazing pupils were buzzing with ideas.

Exam Busters
Westbourne Academy (Secondary School)
Westbourne Academy

Extremely well organized. Our presenter (Kim) was engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Pitched at a level suitable for both students and parents. Lots of helpful hints and strategies for revision.

Super Speed Study Skills
Impington Village College (Secondary School)
Impington Village College

Students engaged and the content was well lead. Enjoyed by students and supporting staff thought it was well delivered and shared excellent strategies

Super Speed Study Skills
Mount Grace School (Secondary School)
Mount Grace School

The two areas. Study skills and Motivation very relevant topics. The Students really got into the first session on study skills and to some degree the same with Motivation. Natalie was very positive and praised the students for their involvement and enthusiasm throughout the day. A very worthwhile and enjoyable day. Very good indeed, Natalie was excellent

Super Speed Study Skills
Mount Grace School (Secondary School)
Mount Grace School

It was a very successful day thank you. Natalie worked very hard and the kids all enjoyed it. More importantly I think they actually picked up some great tips. I know I did.

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