Mindwise Workshops

A superb way to inspire young students, to boost their self-esteem and to raise their aspirations.

Tackling many of the common problem areas in literacy, maths and factual recall in science, the Mindwise workshops offer simple, easy-to-remember tools and techniques to raise understanding and achievement levels.

While highly entertaining standalone events in their own right, Mindwise workshops are also the perfect complement to our ‘Creative Approaches to Learning’ day.

Mindwise Workshops

The application of fun and creative learning


Mindwise Workshops are for pupils in years 4, 5 and 6, and are also perfect for boosting confidence during transition into year 7 (Why not consider running the Mindwise workshops together with ‘Creative Approaches to Learning’ as part of a summer school?).

Mindwise is designed to provide schools with in-class lessons that show the application of fun and creative learning approaches to core curriculum subject areas in English, Maths and Science.

As well as tackling literacy, maths and science problem areas, Mindwise also teaches the students a number of simple but very effective memory and learning to learn techniques.

The course can be presented at any time of year and is usually held in your school hall, or venue of your choosing. Pupils require desks or something to write upon.


These workshops are informative, highly entertaining and interactive.

Using a range of memory and learning to learn techniques, students will deal with common problem areas in literacy, maths and science improving spelling, times tables and factual recall.

These workshops encourage students to see learning in a more positive light and are inspired to aim higher.

They will leave the Mindwise session with increased confidence in their own abilities.


While highly entertaining standalone events in their own right, the Mindwise Workshops are a perfect complement to The Creative Approaches to Learning Day, which introduces students to exciting and effective learning techniques.

The Mindwise Workshops lead on naturally by providing actual applications of the techniques introduced. However, schools do not need to have experienced the Creative Approaches to Learning to enjoy and benefit from the Mindwise Workshops.

Each workshop focuses on a different learning system and a specific curriculum area, and each provides the students with an uplifting, creative and inspirational learning experience.

Common problem areas such as spelling and times tables are tackled with simple tools and techniques leaving students feeling far more confident in their abilities thus increasing aspirations.


The workshops have three main aims:

Spelling Workshop: to generate enthusiasm for Spelling by showing students creative and interesting Spelling approaches.

Mental Maths Workshop: to empower students with effective techniques and refreshing approaches to remembering mental Maths facts and strategies.

Science Workshop: to empower students with effective techniques and refreshing approaches to remembering Science facts linked to the topic Life Processes and Living Things.


Students learn how to spell complex words (in fact, the most commonly mis-spelled words at GSCE level!!!) using a simple system to engage their imaginations and story-telling abilities.

They will be more confident with maths and their times tables and will easily be able to demonstrate their improved abilities.

Their ability to recall facts related to topics in science will be significantly improved.

Their increased confidence will boost their enthusiasm and aspirations.

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