Mind Mapping

To enhance learning and recall, to boost creativity, to plan effectively and to be a note-taker extraordinaire!

Mind mapping is a skill that, once mastered, can be applied to all subjects and can be used to show high order thinking skills, like analysis and synthesis.

Mind maps are also a superb way to boost imagination and creativity.

Mind Mapping

One of THE most powerful study tools one can ever learn!


The Mind Mapping course comprises: reading for keywords,

learning to encapsulate, branching ideas, planning, creating, using colour and shaping a mind map.

The course is 90 minutes in duration (though it can easily be extended to allow more practical work) and can be booked any time during the academic year. The workshop is usually held in your school hall or a venue of your choice.


Develops creative and analytical thought.

Boosts recall and understanding.

Appeals to right-brained learners.

Builds excellent note-taking and planning skills.


We now offer schools a new presentation showing them how to create and use mind maps to enhance learning and recall.

In this 90 minute presentation students get to experience the effectiveness of mind mapping as a means to make and take notes.

It can be extended to include mind-mapping as a creative and planning tool.


To help students better organise their thoughts.

To show them how to make and take mind mapped notes.

To boost understanding and recall.

To encourage creativity.

To build excellent planning skills.

Feedback about this course
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"The course was brilliant with the pupils taking a lot from the day. There has been a real buzz in the school too. I am confident this will mean a more positive attitude towards their revision."
Builth Wells High School
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