Goal Mapping

Described as a ‘truly universal tool for attainment’, this workshop helps students to identify their goals and the routes to achievement. It is equally applicable to all age and ability groups.

So far, the workshop has been successfully implemented and adopted by 600 UK schools with measurably improved results.

Goal Mapping

Fun, practical, engaging personalised learning


Goal Mapping is a superb tool for students as young as Year 5. It teaches valuable goal setting principles that can help them to identify and harness their aspirations and will support their development throughout the whole of their education and beyond. It is also an excellent tool to aid transition into Year 7.

Students are taught a practical and enjoyable method oforganising thoughts, identifying ambitions and setting goals that are high enough to excite and realistic enough to achieve.

The course is presented as 2 x 2 hour interactive sessions for up to 100 students per session. Each participant will receive a full set of student resources.


Learning how to set goals is a vitally important skill allowing students to take immediate ownership of, and to develop a sense of responsibility for, their own future.

They are taught how to organise their thoughts and remove ‘glass ceilings’ to clearly identify their ambitions. They learn how to break down the route to achievement into bite-size, manageable chunks and to visualize each step on the way. This encourages a ‘can-do’ attitude and their goals, no matter how big, become achievable steps on the pathway to success.

Visual Goal templates are used and these are particularly enjoyed by KS2 children. They are encouraged to draw and use colour harnessing imagination and creativity alongside the practical and logical skills involved in goal setting.

These templates also make excellent review material and afford the opportunity for teachers to build a meaningful relationship with their students as they jointly chart the progress to personal success.


Described as a ‘truly universal tool for attainment’ this workshop is equally suitable for all ages and abilities. The course content and the language/approach used is adapted to suit the students.

Students learn how to identify helpful targets and ambitions (goals) in the school environment and beyond and are taught simple, creative techniques to break these goals into manageable, measurable, achievable steps.

The workshop has been successfully implemented and adopted by 600 UK schools with measurably improved results.


To encourage children to take personal responsibility.

To boost individual motivation and ambition.

To give children clarity of direction allowing them to focus on achieving their goals.

To build self-belief and self-confidence.

To encourage positive action.


Creates a vision for future success.

Installs a positive attitude, leading to improved behaviour.

Provides skills for lifelong success.

Provides effective tools to create positive solutions.

Focuses on ‘what you want’ – not, ‘what you fear’.

Promotes personal growth.

Unleashes your students’ full potential.

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