Creative Approaches to Learning

Offers Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers a day of fun, energetic, inspirational and creative madness – with 2 entertaining and hugely impactful presentations for Years 3 + 4 and Years 5 + 6.

These multisensory and highly interactive presentations show students how to learn in interesting and unusual ways, helping schools to develop a more creative curriculum.

Creative Approaches to Learning

A day of inspired and creative madness!


Creative Approaches to Learning combines Mind Mapping, the ‘Story Technique’, the ‘Journey System’ and multi-sensory learning in a 2.5 hour session for years 5 & 6 in the morning and a 1.5 hour session for the younger years 3 & 4 in the afternoon. These sessions are normally run in the school hall to accommodate large numbers of students at a time.

Hold on to your hats – the fun is about to start!


All of Key Stage 2 can be targeted in one day, including staff and pupils.

The workshops are ideal for groups of up to 150 students at a time.

They can also be delivered as a combined pupil / staff / parent INSET.

All types of learners will benefit regardless of ability

It will increase levels of self-belief, enthusiasm for learning and aspiration

The cost per head is extremely competitive


During the course students will experience the power and effectiveness of creative teaching ideas and be shown how to remember things more easily by using their imaginations.

They will be taught a range of learning to learn techniques that can be used right across the curriculum both in class and for homework. It is easy and fun for teachers to get involved.

Students will be amazed at their own abilities to remember a huge range of facts encouraging self-belief and raising self-esteem.


The course has 2 main aims: To show young students that learning can be fun and to inspire them to apply creative learning methods to their learning.


Pupils are provided with powerful learning tools to improve their memory and boost their self-confidence.

Pupils feel more positive about their ability to learn effectively and to share the experience with others.

Teachers learn new and effective techniques and tools

Parents have the chance to witness their children engaged in creative and fun learning approaches.

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