Positively MAD Online Provision

The Watch.Read.Do Series: This high-impact and engaging online resource offers practical tasks, video explanations, live workshops, audio narration and in-depth notes.

Watch part one of our videos called 'Study' and see the impact for yourself.

Positively MAD Online Provision

Welsh Bilingual Version Available



Positively MAD are excited to offer a comprehensive series of online provision, consisting of:

1. Online Workshops - LIVE

- Delivery of all of our standard workshops via MS Teams/Google Meets/Zoom (or any other online platform of your choice)

2. The Watch.Read.Do Series (bilingual Welsh version available)

- This high-impact and engaging online resource for students, parents and teachers offers practical tasks, video explanations, audio narration and in-depth notes.

3. The Blended Learner - LIVE

- A KS3 or KS4 technique workshop for students and their parents focusing on creating a supportive home learning environment – choose from 3 time slots on any evening of your choice.



1. Online Workshops – LIVE

  • Live workshops so engaging and interactive, it’s like the presenter is really there!
  • Show students a different face, to motivate them to engage with their learning
  • Flexible delivery options available

2. The Watch.Read.Do Series (bilingual Welsh version available)

  • Useful as a standalone product or sustainable add-on to our live workshops
  • Increases mastery and boosts metacognition
  • Raises standards of learning, aspirations and resilience

3. The Blended Learner - LIVE

  • Encourages parental support and understanding
  • Improves attitudes to learning
  • Improves motivation and mindset



1. Online Workshops – LIVE

• A Positively MAD day consists of a presenter delivering 4 hours’ worth of your choice of workshops to your choice of students’ - logistically: 4 x 1hrs/2 x 2hrs/3 x 80mins

• A Positively MAD half day (online exclusive) consists of a presenter delivering 2 hours’ worth of your choice of workshops to your choice of students’ - logistically: 2 x 2hrs/1 x 2hrs

2. The Watch.Read.Do Series:

• 5 videos per student, each covering a different topic: Study, Revise, Recall, Resilient & Motivate

• 8 technique templates per student

• Each video benefits from colourful slides and audio narration, taking your students on a journey through their brain to increase metacognition, leaving them motivated to make their education a priority.

• The 5 fast-paced, colourful and high-energy videos take a 3 step approach to mastery - Watch.Read.Do. Students are encouraged to ‘watch’ the presentation twice, ‘read’ through the tasks and then ‘do’ the tasks. Each presentation will take around 70 minutes to Watch. Read. Do.

3. The Blended Learner – LIVE

• 1hr workshop for either KS3 or KS4 students’ and their parents KS3


• Tools to tackle tricky times tables
• Tips on improving SPAG
• Unleashing the power of Mind Mapping


• Organisation to improve study
• Prioritisation to reduce stress
• Creative study tools


Our comprehensive 3 step Online Provision offering aims:

  • To compliment the online provision which schools are already providin
  • To provide students with the necessary drive, attitude and confidence to work from home
  • To encourage students to use their time wisely and think forward
  • To increase resilience
  • To improve metacognition
  • To get parents involved in home learning


This online provision will leave students feeling empowered with study techniques, revision and motivation tips.  Students will learn the importance of positive thoughts and be prepared to commit to their learning, understanding how to plan forward without feeling too much pressure and stress to focus on the future.

For feedback from the online provision we have delivered so far, please head to our Feedback Page and click on Testimonials

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"Jay’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the strategies, techniques and tips was excellent and was exactly what we were looking for at this time in Year 11 for our students and parents. It’s testament to Jay and the workshop as to how many pupils had told their parents about how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it that some students were calling and texting their parents during the school day to say ‘Mum/Dad you need to come to the Parent’s workshop this evening!’ The strategies were relevant, easy to use, engaging and delivered in a way which will facilitate the students use of them as well. It was great to be given some resources by Jay in order to support the pupils through the revision process as the year goes on as well. I will look to rebook this event for next years, Year 11 at a similar time."
Cardiff High School
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