Parent Twilight

These are one hour sessions offered to parents in the early evening of the school day following delivery
of our workshops to students. They are fun and informative offering parents the perfect opportunity to
encourage and support students at home as they try out their new skills.

Parent Twilight

Fun and Informative


Ideal for all parents these sessions are interactive, entertaining and educational.

Parents are shown some of the techniques taught to students earlier in the day and are encouraged to actively discuss and encourage the use of these techniques during revision sessions at home. Parents are also shown a number of ways in which they can support their son/daughter as they prepare for their exams.


Parents will leave the twilight session better equipped to support their son/daughter as they develop their use of
the skills taught. They will also have a good understanding of the role they can play as students prepare for their exams.

This session shows parents how they can get actively involved in exam preparation without having to know anything about the subjects being studied. It also shows parents how they can help their son/daughter to manage stress through busy study/revision periods.


The parent twilight session will:

Summarise the tools and techniques taught to the students

Build confidence in parents to provide active support for their son/daughter at home

Introduce parents to stress management techniques for teenagers


The twilight sessions aim to maximise the benefit of your Positively MAD day by:

Sharing a range of techniques with staff that can be applied in their individual areas of expertise

Equipping staff with the knowledge they will need to support and encourage students as they try out their new skills

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