Rip Roaring Resits - English

Failing at something can knock students’ confidence but this fast-paced, high-energy, interactive workshop will pick them back up again and put them right on track for success.

It is specifically designed to support post-16 students re-taking English or Maths (or both!) and will improve memory skills, increase self-confidence and boost revision skills.  

Rip Roaring Resits - English

Everything that’s needed to improve exam performance!


Designed for post-16 learners re-sitting either English, Maths or both, this highly effective workshop shows students how to prepare for exams and equips them with a powerful combination of tools and techniques that build confidence, aspiration and performance.

It can be run in your own venue to groups of up to 150 students at a time.


Students will leave the Rip Roaring Resits workshop feeling energised, enthusiastic and far better prepared for their workload and their exams.

Using a unique combination of time management strategies, stress management techniques and memory tools we show students how to effectively manage their workload and improve their revision skills whilst building confidence and managing stress.

Especially designed for post-16 resits this course will also benefit:

  • Students who do not know how to prepare themselves mentally and physically for exams.
  • Students who need to improve learning skills.
  • Students who need exam support.
  • Students who need more confidence to aspire higher.


During the course students will:

  • Be equipped with a range of memory and analysis tools.
  • Be introduced to the concept of the ‘Miracle Morning’.
  • Be shown how to relax when preparing for exams.
  • Learn to use the traffic light revision system and the smart free time timetable.
  • Be shown state-management techniques.


The course has 2 main aims:

  • To build confidence for post-16 students re-sitting either their English GCSE.
  • To provide effective tools and techniques to better organise workload and improve exam preparation and performance.
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"I can honestly say that renewing my acquaintance with your course has reminded me how inspirational and innovative your ideas are – I should be using more of them in school to improve even more!"
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