Resilience Workshop

An interactive and reflective personal development workshop focusing on upskilling students to become resilient to setbacks.


Resilience Workshop

Resilience - Well Being - Growth


This workshop is designed to help students become resilient.

Students will leave the workshop with an increased level of understanding about how to adapt to adversity and develop grit and determination.


Students will learn:

  • What it means to be resilient
  • How to stay in control of their emotions
  • How to overcome stress
  • How to decrease their emotional backpack
  • How to challenge their habitual thought patterns

Students will learn to challenge their habitual thought patterns



This workshop focuses on 3 main areas of resilience: personal, academic and social.

Each area contains strategies and techniques which will allow learners to reflect on their mindset and beliefs.  

To retrain our brains to understand how resilient we are, we need to increase confidence and self-belief and reduce anxiety and stress, this workshop is a fully-holistic experience for students.



The course has three main aims:

  • To build resilient students
  • To encourage students to develop a growth mindset
  • To provide techniques to reduce anxiety and stress


Students will leave this workshop with:

  • An understanding of resilient language
  • Ideas about how to increase their confidence
  • Techniques to overcome anxiety and manage stress
  • A positive outlook on using failure as a platform to success
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"Natalie was excellent – her enthusiasm and passion were really clear, and this rubbed off on the students. They were all really positive about the content and the course leader. Communication with Natalie before the event was really easy, she arrived early in the morning and was adaptable to our requests! 10/10!!!"
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