Mastering Student Motivation

No amount of badgering from teachers or parents can motivate a student in the same way that self-motivation can.

This is a fantastic, dynamic and highly inspirational workshop that leaves students excited about their future and willing to put in the effort they need to succeed!

Mastering Student Motivation

True motivation comes from within

Motivation energises us and gives us the will and determination we need to succeed. In the short term it is possible to motivate someone by offering incentives or, indeed, penalties but this is not sustainable. True motivation comes from within.

No amount of persuasion or pushing from lecturers, teachers or parents can motivate a student in the same way that self-motivation can.

Positively MAD’s ‘Mastering Student Motivation’ is designed to inspire students to identify their own ‘Whys’: why they want and deserve to succeed, why they are prepared to step-up to the challenges of education beyond school, why they should go the extra mile to achieve their potential and even why they should bother to get out of bed in the morning!!!

This is a challenging, dynamic and highly inspirational workshop that leaves students excited about their future and willing to put in the effort they need to succeed!


Mastering Student Motivation is a high impact experience designed to motivate students to take responsibility for their own futures.

It helps students achieve clarity in their ambitions and inspires the levels of determination required to succeed in further education, higher education and beyond; critically, because they want to – not just because others tell them they have to! With their objectives clear it then provides a simple but effective goal setting template for them to use over and over again as they become accomplished goal setters and achievers. MSM is run on your site to groups of up to 150 at a time. It is a 2½ hour seminar and will empower your students with self-motivation and healthy, target-centered thinking patterns.


Students question their limiting belief systems & adopt a healthier, positive state of mind.

Students challenge habitual thinking patterns and replace them with more positive behaviours.

Students develop self-motivation skills, become focused on achieving self-set goals and become more confident in their ability to succeed.


Using the powerful personal development model State - Behaviour - Results, this seminar is especially useful for: students who require clarity about what they want to achieve in life; students who need to step-up to the demands of the next level of education and students who lack the discipline to set and pursue goals.

It offers them the opportunity to clearly identify their own ambitions and puts their education into a context that is meaningful to them. Critically, it provides them with a reusable template to plan short, medium and long term goals, setting their sights clearly on their desired outcomes and providing a fantastic way of monitoring and celebrating their progress as they continue through each phase of their education.


The course has three main aims:

To encourage students to take personal responsibility for their futures.

To remove self-limiting beliefs and glass ceilings.

To encourage students to develop self-motivation.


Students learn to challenge habitual behaviours and thought patterns replacing them with more positive ones. They gain clarity on their ambitions and how to take the necessary steps to achieve these.

They become conscious of the impact their own state of mind has on their ability to succeed and will be motivated to make any fundamental attitudinal shifts needed to achieve the lasting changes that lead to success.

Feedback about this course
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"Jay’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the strategies, techniques and tips was excellent and was exactly what we were looking for at this time in Year 11 for our students and parents. It’s testament to Jay and the workshop as to how many pupils had told their parents about how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it that some students were calling and texting their parents during the school day to say ‘Mum/Dad you need to come to the Parent’s workshop this evening!’ The strategies were relevant, easy to use, engaging and delivered in a way which will facilitate the students use of them as well. It was great to be given some resources by Jay in order to support the pupils through the revision process as the year goes on as well. I will look to rebook this event for next years, Year 11 at a similar time."
Cardiff High School
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