Exam Busters

This is a fast-paced, high-energy, highly interactive workshop designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence, understand the importance of reflective practices and regular review, and to prepare for exams.

It provides a heightened sense of aspiration and self-belief and promotes a positive attitude towards learning.

The skills learned in this workshop will improve exam performance.

Exam Busters

A highly interactive multisensory learning experience

Post 16 students at all levels will already be experienced exam takers. Sadly, this does not necessarily mean that they will be accomplished exam takers.

Exambusters is a highly interactive workshop designed to improve all aspects of taking exams – from revision skills through to exam skills, from reflective practices to stress management. It is a fast-paced, high-energy, and highly interactive workshop.

It provides a heightened sense of aspiration and self-belief and promotes a positive attitude towards learning at all levels.

Exambusters will improve exam preparation and performance skills.


This highly-interactive workshop equips students with a range of effective revision and exam preparation skills including the importance of reflective thinking and regular review processes. It also looks at stress management techniques equally applicable to the exam process and to wider life skills such as interviews, auditions, public speaking etc.

It is a refreshing 2½ hour presentation run onsite or in a venue of your choice to groups of 150 students at a time.


Students will leave the Exambusters workshop feeling energised, enthusiastic and far better prepared not just for their workload and their exams but also for wider life skills: study, preparation, relaxation, stress reduction, organisation, mental & physical health and well-being.

Don’t be fooled by the name! Exambusters teaches skills that can be used all year round – NOT just during exam periods. Indeed the sooner the better as far as we are concerned as skills learned early on in the academic year will instil good practices reducing pressure and increasing effectiveness during the lead up to exams.

Exambusters is useful for students of all ages and will help them to prepare themselves mentally and physically for exams. It is also good for:

Students who need to improve learning skills.

Students who need exam support.

Students who need more confidence to aspire higher.


During the course students will:

  • Be equipped with a range of revision and memory tools and techniques.
  • Be introduced to the concept of the regular review process and given tools to follow through with this.
  • Be shown how to relax and manage stress when preparing for exams, interviews, presentations etc.
  • Be encouraged to create an effective learning environment.
  • Be shown state-management techniques.


To provide effective techniques to better organise workload and environment and improve exam preparation and performance.

To stimulate a positive attitude towards learning & revision and to build confidence and aspiration.

To encourage an holistic approach to learning and wider life skills encompassing: study, preparation, relaxation, stress reduction, organisation, mental & physical health and well-being.

Feedback about this course
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"Jay’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the strategies, techniques and tips was excellent and was exactly what we were looking for at this time in Year 11 for our students and parents. It’s testament to Jay and the workshop as to how many pupils had told their parents about how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it that some students were calling and texting their parents during the school day to say ‘Mum/Dad you need to come to the Parent’s workshop this evening!’ The strategies were relevant, easy to use, engaging and delivered in a way which will facilitate the students use of them as well. It was great to be given some resources by Jay in order to support the pupils through the revision process as the year goes on as well. I will look to rebook this event for next years, Year 11 at a similar time."
Cardiff High School
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