Learning to Remember

The ‘Teaching to Remember’ INSET day is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to learn how to improve their own memories whilst experiencing the effectiveness of 14 powerful learning-to-learn techniques.

This whole day, in-school training course is a highly interactive, multisensory experience packed with pupil-friendly, creative and hugely effective tools, tips, strategies and methods.

Learning to Remember

A fantastic opportunity to improve your memory!


Learning to Remember is specifically for primary teachers and support staff. It can be run at any time of the year in your school hall, or a venue of your choice. All delegates will require desks.

It is a full day workshop bursting at the seams with great learning to learn tools, practical exercises, advice and memory busting hints and tips.


In addition to being highly practical, this course is an entertaining, empowering and highly creative learning experience, ideal for schools whose staff need a creative boost and would like to incorporate memory-improvement techniques into their teaching.


During the course teachers will discover how powerful their own memories are and experience many practical ideas to make learning fun, rewarding and memorable.

Teachers will be empowered with a range of learning to learn techniques.


The course has 2 main aims: To help teachers feel more confident in their own ability to remember things and to provide them with instantly usable techniques in class and in many other areas of life!


This course encourages staff to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create.

Staff will leave feeling motivated and empowered and will be equipped with a large range of learning to learn techniques including memory systems, note-making information linking systems.

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"Jay’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the strategies, techniques and tips was excellent and was exactly what we were looking for at this time in Year 11 for our students and parents. It’s testament to Jay and the workshop as to how many pupils had told their parents about how much they enjoyed it and how useful they found it that some students were calling and texting their parents during the school day to say ‘Mum/Dad you need to come to the Parent’s workshop this evening!’ The strategies were relevant, easy to use, engaging and delivered in a way which will facilitate the students use of them as well. It was great to be given some resources by Jay in order to support the pupils through the revision process as the year goes on as well. I will look to rebook this event for next years, Year 11 at a similar time."
Mr David Rhodes
Head of Middle School at Cardiff High School
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